hungryhouse January Sanctuary

If you work in an office or go to the pub in the evening, there is a particular specimen that you will see. It is almost the end of the month and this means that the end of a month of self-imposed abstinence. There are various symptoms that you will see in these last 48 hours of January. These include a vigorous tapping of the table as these people look across at lines of pints and full wine glasses. There is also a grimace and a twist of the head as they force down the last of their broccoli, kale and 48 grain smoothie.

If only these people know about hungryhouse’s January Sanctuary, which is housed at the White Space area near Leicester Square. This is a unique space that offers those that are stumbling through their first jog in eleven months and twenty nine days some kind of respite. The set up is very simple. In the front is a fake gym where people can take photos of themselves working out and drinking healthy. In the back is where the fun is at and where you can indulge all those cravings for the food that you would actually enjoy.

hungryhouse not only offers a place where you can enjoy your takeaway but the ideal set up for enjoying a meal in. Replicating the set up for your front room, there are extremely comfy sofas and a Netflix subscription to take advantage of. But you need to be quick. It only last the rest of today but is well worth popping down for.

hungryhouse January Sanctuary
5 Great Newport Street
Leicester Square

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