Novotel Hotel, Tower Hill

Within my peer group, it’s an increasingly common phenomenon to see them starting families and then immediately thinking about starting to leave London. Although this city is a fine place to live, to dine out and to see the fantastic diversity of culture that London has to offer, it is fast becoming an impossible place to raise a family. The competition for schools, the limited space and the added expense that having a child brings means that many more of my friends, work colleagues and peers are seeking to find a commuter-friendly town outside of London.

Yet the lure of the capital still remains and those who have settled outside of London still pine for nights out and weekends spent shopping, eating and taking in the latest show. I myself am very inculcated into this feeling. Growing up, my parents didn’t have time to go on holidays and so once or twice a year, we would come down to London and spend a weekend in a good hotel. My parents would take my sister shopping, making sure that she was finely attired whilst I would sit in a corner reading French literature, making sure that I was wholly unattractive to teenage girls.

Picking the right hotel is essential for making sure that a weekend spent in the city is spent well. Having a good base is one the first points to consider. This is just one of the advantages that the Novotel Hotel in Tower Hill boasts. A few minutes walk to the Thames, it is close to the Tower of London, Tower Bridge and only a few more minutes walk to St. Pauls.

The hotel is also at the forefront of technology, offering a mobile check in to ensure that you are not stuck waiting in a queue. The views on offer from the rooms are spectacular, offering wide open views of the surroundings.

The hotel is not just a cookie cutter model, having its own idiosyncrasies. It boasts its own apiary on the roof, and harvests the honey. You can find samples of this in the bar and restaurant, aptly named Keepers. Boasting a delectable range of food, you’ll find everything you need in here for a great breakfast, lunch or supper.

If you need to refresh yourself before heading out or the stresses of the day have left you worn out, the hotel has a discreet gym and sauna room. However, the aspect of the hotel that really stands out is how easy the hotel has made it in every way to make sure that your stay is as seamless as possible. If you are eager to come for a break, the Novotel Tower Hill does all the work that make sure that you have an exceptionally comfortable stay.

Novotel Tower Hill
10 Pepys St
Tower Hill

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