Arancina, Notting Hill

As most reach for their winter coats around this time of year, I start reaching for pasta. For me there is no greater cure to Seasonal Adjustment Disorder than some good old fashioned Italian cooking. So when Arancina, the Roman inspired Italian pizzeria, invited me to taste their latest offerings how could I possibly say no?

Arancina has been in the heart of Notting Hill for over 10 years now. I’ve worked in Notting Hill for a number of years and Arancina has become my staple late night treat. Thick wedges of phenomenal pizza rub shoulders with stringy cheesy arancina risotto rice balls and moorish pasta dishes. The thing I love about Arancina is that they aren’t afraid to try new things and they seem to constantly be looking to improve.

Latest on the menus are some delicious craft beers, brewed in Battersea, and their original recipe lasagnes now served in individual portions rather than out of huge mass catering style trays. All very cool and pretty classy. Each of the newbies on their menu are delicious but ultimately I’m reaching for my favourites and you simply can’t do better than a glass of red wine and a huge slice of gorgonzola and walnut pizza. No, you didn’t misread that: gorgonzola and walnut. Honestly: why has no one else discovered this saintly pizza topping combo? Salty gorgonzola rubs shoulders with nutty walnuts all topped with a generous grating of Gran Padano cheese – the king of the salty/nutty balance. It’s utter perfection.

As I sit at my bar stool surrounded by friends old and new, I think about the cold damp weather outside: the harshness of the Autumn and the darkness of the night can’t dampen my spirit. This is hearty, home cooked Italian fare at it’s finest: honest, simple, affordable and utterly delicious.


19 Pembridge Rd
Notting Hill
W11 3HG

Tel: 020 7221 7776

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