Myki Sand Bar, Soho

Summer is upon us! Apparently. Could someone tell the sun please? So what better way to get in the spirit than to have a cocktail on the sand? When I heard I didn’t have to go all the way to the seaside to enjoy that simple summer pleasure I was delighted and popped along to Myki Sand Bar to get my summer sizzle on.

Myki Bar is based in Soho and is usually host to their better known winter themed Alpine Bar every year in their basement, they have now thrown more money at it gone all out and opened a summer bar with a sand theme.

Converting their basement into a beach bar could be seen as an odd choice as summer usually conjures images of natural light and sun which aren’t exactly abundant in a basement. With seating areas in large sand pits, beach balls and a summer themed cocktail menu they are out to impress. But did it work?

To get around the fact that there is no natural light in the basement, the bar angles for a twilight theme with dim lighting casting a blue glow over everything and back-lit beach photos positioned around the bar as if gazing out at views at dusk. Think laid back beach bar vibes.

Stepping into the large sand pits to get to your seat is fun, having a constant foot shuffle while I sat. Feet sand angels! One word of warning however is that when you leave the sand pit the sand on your shoes scatters throughout the bar makes and the floor extra slippery. So be careful or you’ll find yourself on the floor promising the crowd “it’s not the booze!”

My next priority was to grab a cocktail or two. The drinks are good. Not the cheapest cocktails but not the most expensive. It’s central London so nothing is exactly a bargain. I had a chilli infused cocktail which was very sweet the first time with not much chilli and the second one had a good strong kick of chilli.

The first one I had was unimpressive. The second was what it should have been. My special recommendation goes to the Pina Colada, however. It was a dessert in a glass. I loved it! A thick slushy and sweet ice drink with coconut and pineapple. I shoved it down like ice cream resulting in massive brain freeze. Worth it though!

This place isn’t perfect though – I found it a little confused. The blue ambient lighting, sand and cocktails conjure images of laid back summer house vibes, but were interrupted when their club singers sporadically started singing old summer pop songs so loud I couldn’t hold a conversation.

The night ended with a burlesque performer and although the burlesque performer drew a crowd, and the singers were of a good standard, I felt the bar flitted between cool beach bar to kitschy cabaret show. With no stage to facilitate the performances, taking place on a table, it felt a little make-shift and I don’t think that is what I was hoping for when I heard ‘Sand Bar’ being billed.

They need to pick their focus – is it a high-end beach club or variety entertainment bar? Considering the pricing of their drinks and décor, the former is where I would put my focus, trusting the theme enough to let the bar speak for itself.

Lastly the bar was cold. Too cold for me. Dark and cold was not what I had in mind from a sand bar. But it is a novelty, and I enjoyed the idea, it just missed the mark slightly. I have no doubt that the bar will do well this summer. With the weather as it is I’m sure people will be scrambling to find any hint of sand and reminder of summer they can find!

Myki Sand Bar @ Archer Street
3-4 Archer St

Tel: 020 7734 3342

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