Travel through The Century

Ever wondered what the 1900s smelled like? What the 1920s tasted like? What would have been on your bookshelves in 1970s?

Travel back in time this weekend in this unique interactive journey through the eras, calling on all the senses each stop of the way. This sensorial experience, taking place in Apartment at The Hoxton in Shoreditch, was cooked up by Salon London and Odette Toilette. Taking on 10 decades in 10 hours over two days, you can expect to be inspired by the music and literature of the generations before and be immersed in the tastes and smells of our stylish forefathers.

Your guides on this journey are an impressive gang of authors, experts, historians and speakers, ranging from the Science Museum’s Inventor-in-Residence, Mark Champkins, Ocean Liner expert, Tony Cooke, broadcaster Dr Pam Cox and scent expert Lizzie Ostrom (aka Odette Toilette).

At the strike of each hour, guests will be wafted with the past through smell – anything from the 1960s ‘Hippie Stink’ to the oddly odourless twentieth century technology – before being transported forwards with inspiring talks on a range of subjects from Belle Epoque, life at sea, perfume fortune telling, dating and hard liquor.
Head backstage with the Ballet Russe in 1900s. Jump aboard a decadent ocean liner in 1920. See what’s on the TV in the 1950s. Join a cult in the 1970s. Don the shoulderpads of Dynasty in the 1980s. Celebrate the end of the 20th century (at 5pm on a Saturday afternoon…) as the clock strikes midnight on 1999. At least this time you can enjoy the thankful reassurance that chaos won’t reign in the skies when that pesky Millennium Bug strikes…

Almost 15 years in to the 21st Century, it seems an apt time to look back at the century before, if only to see how we’re doing. Or at least how we’re smelling…

The Century takes place on Saturday 7 November and Saturday 14 November in the Apartment suite at The Hoxton, Shoreditch.
Tickets start at £25 for two decades up to £60 for five decades – all tickets include a cocktail of the era.

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