My London: Corner Shop Disco

The Corner Shop Disco duo, made up of south London DJs Andy Nicholls and Alex Savvides, are busy working on their set for the Easter party at Prince Of Wales in Brixton next weekend.

‘I’m really excited about our upcoming all-day gig with Robert Owens and Ilija Rudman at POW in Brixton’, says Nicholls. ‘And we’re hopefully relaunching the We Love Vinyl night in the not so distant future too!’

‘Plus I’m currently writing lyrics for our debut record as Corner Shop Disco,’ adds Savvides. ‘And remixing an old classic house track that’s top secret!’

With much to look forward to, the pair catch up with The London Word to chat Buckingham Palace, Borough Market, Charlie Chaplin and all things Brixton.

My favourite area of London…

AS: ‘Brixton. I love the vibe and the madness!’

AN: ‘Crystal Palace, where I live with my girlfriend. It’s got a real community feel, and full of some great friendly people. I love the festival the community puts on every year.’

My most vivid London memory…

AS: ‘Feeding the ducks with my mum in Battersea Park as a very small boy!’

AN: ‘Seeing my grandad with his Rag and Bone cart – complete with horse – in Wandsworth as a kid.’

My perfect London day out…

AS: ‘Lunch at Borough Market then a few drinks and some sushi in Soho with my girlfriend.’

AN: ‘Walking around the South Bank on a lovely sunny day, probably followed by a meal in Chinatown and then a trip to the cinema.’

My perfect London night out…

AS: ‘A meal in the Prince of Wales Brixton then upstairs to the roof terrace for drinks, and then the main room for a party.’

AN: ‘Either a really good club night or a trip to the theatre to see something unusual.’

London is unique because…

AS: ‘The mix of people and the way that music brings everyone of all cultures together!’

AN: ‘The people, the vibe. I don’t really know how to explain it – it just is unique.’

My preferred season in London…

AS: ‘It’s got to be summer. I could live without the other seasons!’

AN: ‘Spring – I like the change, coming out from winter. People seem to have more about them as it gets warmer.’

Where I feel most creative…

AS: ‘Brixton, as it’s where I bought my very first record and where I witnessed DJs mixing in Red Records for the first time. I was 14 and desperate to get some turntables!’

AN: ‘It used to be Covent Garden many years ago but now probably somewhere like Peckham, with the buzz and eclectic atmosphere.’

I’ve never been to…

AS: ‘Buckingham Palace. I would love to have tea with the Queen!’

AN: ‘The new Wembley Stadium – but I’d like to know that my football team will win beforehand.

My favourite Londoner…

AS: ‘Charlie Chaplin. He was from Kennington. I’m a massive Chaplin fan. He was so poor as a kid but made his mark. He never forgot his roots or where he came from.

AN: ‘Sherlock Holmes. Yes, I know he’s not real, but he really seemed to understand the London of his day.’

London’s best kept secret…

AS: ‘Maria’s Market café at Borough Market. The best bacon sarnie in London. Sit there on a weekday early morning and watch some of London’s most famous actors and singers walk by. A great place to people watch and take in the atmosphere.’

AN: ‘Crystal Palace Park with its terraces and dinosaurs. It would be great to see some decent bands perform on the main stage at The Bowl again, after so many years of disuse.’

When I’m away from London I miss…

AS: ‘Buying second hand vinyl in Soho.’

AN: ‘The great variety of restaurants and food on offer.’

London drives me mad because…

AS: ‘The traffic. I drive all over London and it’s chaos. There’s never anywhere to park!’

AN: ‘It’s got to be the traffic, and those parts of London that are always rammed with people, for no apparent reason.’

The best advice I’ve ever been given…

AS: ‘Don’t mix tequila with beer and whisky!’

AN: ‘Don’t rely on others. We all need a bit of help but be as self-sufficient as possible.’

To revisit my past I would go to…

AS: ‘Sugar House Lane, the Old Docks in Bow. That’s where my Nan was born in 1901.’

AN: ‘Wandsworth again. It’s where my family is originally from. I remember a little cut through under the railway bridge, from when I was a kid and I’d like to find that again, if it’s still there!’

To relax I go to…

AS: ‘There’s a golf club in Dulwich that does great food, and has the very best view of London I have ever seen!’

AN: ‘Forest Hill Leisure Centre – seriously I like a good swim. There’s a really good café around the corner called Cookies and Cream. It does delicious and healthy lunches too.’

My biggest inspiration in life is…

AS: ‘My mum. She was my best friend and she encouraged me to do my best at everything I do in life. Mum was the bravest person I ever knew.’

AN: ‘My drama teacher from secondary school. He showed me a lot of London, and was the inspiration for me to get into the arts in a roundabout way.’

I would recommend everyone in London…

AS: ‘Go to one of London’s fantastic museums.’

AN: ‘Go to a proper pie and mash shop – either Manzes in Peckham or Harringtons in Tooting.’

Happiness is…

AS: ‘Being healthy and watching the Formula 1 on a Sunday at home!’

AN: ‘Sometimes it’s difficult to get in the city, but a little bit of peace and quiet can go a long way. And shopping, love a little bit of clobber.’

Alex Savvides and Andy Nicholls from Corner Shop Disco will be supporting headliners Robert Owens and Ilija Rudman on Saturday 4 April from 4pm to 4am at:

The Prince of Wales Club and Terrace

467- 469 Brixton Road

Full line up and tickets available here.

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