My London: Chris McMuck

Retired Entrepreneur Chris McMuck is launching The Brick Lane Village Fete on July 27 to raise awareness of Multiple Sclerosis and The Ability Bow Gym. Here he reminisces about ‘90s London, Mudchute, museums and markets.

My most vivid London memory? Far too many nights at the Astoria, Camden Palace, and late days at Bagleys. But I’ll always remember, with much love, the initial days of the Shoreditch art scene in the mid-‘90s. Things were fresh and new and we had our part of London to run riot. It was brilliant!

The East End – it’s home sweet home, innit!

My perfect London day out would most certainly have to involve the river; a day trip along to Westminster Pier to take us to Kew Gardens for an extended lunch nearby – and it’s not raining. Then a perfect night in the best city on Earth would involve the best friends and the best music in a hidden space.

London’s history, mixture of cultures, outstanding architecture and people all make it unique.

Late spring, early summer is always good because you can smell the pavement. It’s so fresh – the dust is down after the sunny rain.

I feel most creative at a bar with good music and in good company, where ideas are written on the back of a beer mat and agreed while drunk.

I’ve always wanted to go to Mudchute. The farm in particular because it’s like a safari, Jurassic Park jungle type of place, and it’s only in E14.

My Uncle Christie, who used to open the bridge at Tower Bridge, is my favourite Londoner.

Eel Pie Island is London’s best-kept secret. Down along the Thames where rock and roll was born in England.

The Giro Playboy by Michael Smith is an outstanding read. A brilliant author, he describes most people’s youth in the 1990s London scene.

The vista of the buildings against the sky; The Gherkin, The Shard, Canary Wharf and St Paul’s, they are unique.

Columbia Road, the flower market on Sunday, is where I’d go to revisit my past. With the visit to my old haunt The Royal Oak, where early doors were the norm and chaos ruled.

I go to a museum, The V&A, or The Science Museum, to prove that it’s not just for tourists.

I recommend a nice walk on a Sunday through Columbia Road flower market all the way to Brick Lane, then on to Spitalfields Market and from there onto Petticoat Lane, before finishing up with any energy left to go for dinner on the river. Perfection.

My friends and I are doing a ditty of a day out called The Brick Lane Village Fete with heaps of revelry of the nonsense sort with live music, market stalls, children’s fun games and musical entertainment. Plus the odd surprise. It runs from midday to 7pm and is in the grounds of St Matthew’s Church, Bethnal Green, on Sunday 27 July. And it’s free and a good day out for the family. We are raising awareness and funds for Multiple Sclerosis and The Ability Bow Gym. Last year’s event was attended by over 2000 people and this year we expect more so please arrive early!

Happiness is a great song by Pharrell Williams released in 2014, which remains the most annoying thing in the world since The Birdie Song.

The Brick Lane Village Fete takes place on Sunday 27 July at:

St Matthew’s Church of Bethnal Green
St Matthew’s Row
Bethnal Green
E2 6DT

For more information and news announcements join here: blvf.org and Facebook.

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