My London: DJ and Radio Presenter Charlie Hedges

KISS FM’s Charlie Hedges is the youngest female breakfast presenter/DJ in the UK. Charlie has also recently landed her third show with Kiss – Friday nights on the Kiss Fresh channel from 12-2am. She finds time to talk to us here at The London Word about fond London memories and her upcoming DJ sets.

Where are you right now, and what have you been doing?

‘I’ve just been to a meeting regarding some DJ sets I have coming up in Pacha London and Space Ibiza this year.’

What is your favourite area of London?

‘I LOVE Camden and Brick Lane; different, amazing bars and restaurants, and they’re great places for people watching.’

 What is your most vivid London memory?

‘Every school holiday my mum used to take me and my brother to a different tourist attraction or area in London then we would go and meet my dad on his work lunch break. I think my obsession with London has come from my mum taking us all the time when we were younger, and I’m grateful for it!’

What would your perfect London day out involve?

‘Getting up and having a huuuge breakfast, walking along the South Bank, stopping for a drink along there, going to the theatre at lunch, checking into a hotel, Camden for dinner then heading off to a club until early hours of the morning.’

What makes London unique?

‘The people! I’ve been lucky to travel to many cities around the world but there’s something about London and the people that brings everyone together. Nothing like being somewhere where 24/7 you’ll find a random street you never knew existed. There’s lots of lovely hidden London gems.’

Which season do you most enjoy in London?

‘Definitely the summer. There are so many outside bars. I love drinking outside in the sunshine! Camden put up an outside man-made beach at The Roundhouse last year which was amazing.’

Where in London do you feel most creative?

‘Probably in a studio, wherever I hire one for the day. It’s where I’ll make my next house track and normally come up with other ideas for the coming months.’

Where in London have you never been, but have always wanted to go?

‘That’s a hard question and I can’t think of anywhere I haven’t been that I’d like to visit, I’ve been to Clapham to DJ in the evening but actually I’d like to go in the day as I’ve not done that.’

Who is your favourite Londoner?

‘My nan, she’s originally from the East End and is 86 so has lots of stories and info on London both from years ago and now.’

What do you think is London’s best kept secret?

‘The Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town. Nobody is actually allowed to talk about it but if you do your research online you’ll track it down.’

Which song, book or film do you think best encapsulates London?

Insomnia by Faithless, because if you don’t want to go to sleep you really don’t have to; there’s always something to do.’

What do you miss most about London when you’re away?

‘The people again, and the atmosphere the city has – it’s something you can’t describe but when I’m home it’s the nicest feeling in the world.’

How does London drive you mad?

‘It actually doesn’t. Well, actually, it’d be cool if the tubes ran 24 hours, but apart from that I love it.’

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

‘Don’t text and walk in London. I’m an offender of this and it ANNOYS people!’

Where would you go in London to revisit your past?

‘Museums I think. As mentioned above, my mum used to take us to all the museums in school holidays, so when I do visit one it reminds me of the good times being at school.’

Where do you go in London to relax?

‘South Bank, there’s always a street performer, something going on. I love the udder belly festival there in the summer. They put on comedy events, circus, random shows – it’s wicked.’

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

‘My brother: he’s always positive, always there for me and talks sense into me if I’m ever doubting myself.’

What would you recommend everyone in London do at least once?

‘Sit down, get a coffee or glass of wine and just watch the world go by. It’s a fascinating place.’

What projects do you have in the pipeline?

‘My debut house track I produced with JB (formerly JLS) is out now on iTunes and all other music sites. I have some more tracks I’m currently working on too, plus lots of DJ sets coming up at Pacha London, Snowboxx festival, HD festival, Space Ibiza, Egypt to name a few.’

Happiness is…

‘Laughing, loving and chasing dreams.’

All event dates at www.charliehedges.com or via @charliehedges on Twitter.

Charlie presents the Kiss FM breakfast show Mon-Friday (6-9am), the Sunday morning Kiss Mix Show (2-3am) , and on the new Kiss Fresh show on Friday nights (7-9 – which you can tune in from Kiss’s freeview channel 712, on the Kiss Kube app, and on the KISS FRESH Player online).

Charlie has her own Soundcloud page and each week’s Kiss mix will be uploaded here: www.soundcloud.com/charlie-hedges

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