My London: MC Iron Braydz

25-year-old north London’a Iron Braydz is one of the UK’s most highly rated MCs and producers. Last year he became the latest member of Triple Darkness, and later this year will appear in a new film directed by Simon Baker who was responsible for the award winning Paralympic series for Channel 4. Here he talks to us at The London Word.

Where are you right now, and what have you been doing?

‘I’m at my domicile listening to the track Rambo featuring Kyza and Skriblah, drafting ideas for the video which will be shot by Global Faction.’

What is your favourite area of London?

‘My domicile is my most favourite place in north London, because I’ve got all I need in here and it keeps me out of trouble. Also, got my recording set up here so whenever ideas are flowing all I gotta do is roll out of my bed and get to it.

‘Apart from my apartment, the next best place in London would have to be Central Mosque by Baker Street station. One of the most peaceful places out here.’

What is your most vivid London memory?

‘It would have to be the time I went on a protest march with the UHURU movement in light of Ricky Bishop (R.I.P) who died while in Brixton police custody.

‘There were a lot in attendance from all races and backgrounds and although it was a peaceful protest, till this day my heart goes to his family, because that could be me or any one of my close friends.’

What would your perfect London day out involve?

‘Simple. Sneaker shopping for Jordans in central and then lunch at Bella Italia for some fresh steak and chips, then over to da cake shop for dem blueberry muffins.

‘Finally make my way home.’

What would your perfect London night out involve?

‘Dinner at Red Dog Diner and then off to Village Underground in Shoreditch for my boiiz Livin Proof to wild out to some hip-hop classics. On the way home I’d stop at Charcoal Grill in Willesden Green for their amazing grilled chicken wings and chips. Chill out for a bit once I get home watching Man of Steel on my big-ass TV!’

What makes London unique?

‘I think London is unique for it’s architecture, communities and vast mix of cultures. Places like Camden, Brick Lane, Alperton, Harlesden, Brixton and Croydon are what make London a landscape of diversity and adventure.’

Which season do you most enjoy in London?

‘I enjoy summer the most – when it is actually sunny – because you don’t have to wear so many clothes that weigh you down, and you finally get to show off all the hard work from the gym. As for me personally I get to save some money on the gas and take cool showers, so refreshing.’

Where in London do you feel most creative?

‘Willesden Green Library or my bedroom where I can close myself off from the world. Another great place is the member’s only lounge in the South Bank Centre.’

Where in London have you never been, but have always wanted to go?

‘I’ve always wanted to go back to Madame Tussaud’s. I haven’t been there since my late father took me as a boy.’

Who is your favourite Londoner, and why?

‘The memory of the late, great and inspirational Mary “Mama” Seacole. To me she is the epitome of what a strong woman is all about. Her selfless acts even inspire my eight-year-old daughter which I find amazing and mind blowing, may her soul eternally rest in blissful peace.’

What do you think is London’s best kept secret?

‘Triple Darkness, my crew!’

Which song, book or film do you think best encapsulates London?

‘Although it was created by an amazing producer from Wolverhampton, it would have to be Inner City Life by Goldie. Here’s a suggestion, when it’s raining and you’re cruising through London just have that song on loop.’

What do you miss most about London when you’re away?

‘My domicile lol!’

How does London drive you mad?

‘The overpopulation, smell and noise.’

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

‘Think before you talk.’

Where would you go in London to revisit your past?

‘The first place I ever lived with my parents, very deep memories reside not only in that house, but also the area.’

Where do you go in London to relax?

‘Mama’s house.’

Who is your biggest inspiration in life, and why?

‘My father. He went through difficult lengths to provide everything for me; even when cancer was eating him up inside it never stopped him. That man was my world. He was so down to earth even my friends would come round to my house to just chill out with him and seek advice about life. Incredible man. Rest in peace.’

What would you recommend everyone in London do at least once?

‘As mad as it sounds, stop everything and listen to the silence.’

What projects do you have in the pipeline?

‘As we speak I’m working on the follow up to the Verbal sWARdz EP, Triple Darkness album, FUFU Gang EP and features, so keep a look out for those ones.’

Happiness is…?


Iron Braydz’s new EP Verbal sWARdz is released on April 14.

Follow him on Twitter @Braydz

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