My London: Mojo Filter, DJ & Producer

He’s a self-professed purveyor of heady vibes whose genius reworkings of ‘60s and ‘70s psychedelia is stunningly captured in three volumes of AOR Disco Vintage Edits. DJ and producer Mojo Filter has feverishly infiltrated the UK club and festival circuit with his shining beacon of retro, techno and disco wizardry. Today the psychedelic spearhead behind some of London’s most inspired events catches up with The London Word to brood over Bowie, Burger King and being taken up The Shard…

My most vivid London memory is probably coming back from a psytrance rave in Tyssen Street at 6am when I was 20. Driving back past the houses of parliament I realised they were the levitating, pulsating residence of London’s alien occupation. Very Weird!

Lately, I’d say central is my favourite area of London, only because I’ve discovered numerous hidden venues deep, deep within the city confines only really accessible to the illuminati; like three-metre thick marble chambers with gold seating and a 100-year-old oak organ. A somewhat surreal backdrop to my psychedelic re-edit of Rafferty’s Baker Street.

My perfect London day out would involve second-hand shopping with my sweetheart then ducking into Harrods to buy her some rare super fruits imported from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon that morning. Winding it up that night with a five-star room at the Café Royale after a swift rave-up with Trentemoller.

The sheer inexhaustible volume of hidden spots and eccentric venues crammed into such a small area makes London unique.

Winter always makes the underground scenes seem more exciting and eerie.

Strangely, I don’t feel creative in London – I sell my creations and express previous incarnations, but seldom create. London consumes you and leaves no room for the imagination in my (tiny) mind. Or if I do create, Morning Glory raves are a good space to let rip my yogi dance sets!

I’d quite like to be taken up The Shard someday.

London is probably different things to different people but for me, A Clockwork Orange signifies the unending social depravity and confusion amid an apparently orderly and civilized democratic régime. You dig?

Even doing nothing, you feel there are opportunities around the corner in London that you don’t get anywhere else. Like panging plant food up your schnozz and getting banned from Homebase for life.

There are so many possibilities in London that it’s hard to focus! Especially when the city stings your wallet every step you do or don’t make.

Follow your heart and win the respect of those you admire.

I would go to Burger King circa ’95 to revisit my past and to see how I managed to stay employed there for six weeks whilst not actually doing anything bar dressing like a bird of paradise and scheming how to bring them down from the inside.

David Bowie’s engagement with humanity and his personally evolving expression of the life profound with it’s musical accompaniment is my biggest inspiration.

What would I recommend everyone in London do at least once? Take acid and run naked through the streets proclaiming to be Jesus, dishing-out fish willy-nilly to the kids coming out of school.

I have number of original EPs coming out in the summer with a fourth volume of the Vintage Edits collection on AOR and a ‘Best of..’ vinyl collection.

Happiness is: truth, kindness, love and the mysteries of creation.’

Mojo Filter is kindly giving away his latest track to The London Word readers. Click here to download.


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