Future Cinema Presents ‘Ghostbusters’

There’s something strange in the neighbourhood… Future Cinema, the purveyors of London’s most luxurious cinema experiences, have set their sights on Ghostbusters. They’ve gone ahead and turned the Troxy into the Sedgewick Hotel circa 1984, and rumours of paranormal activity are most certainly being denied.

I’ve been to a few of their previous events, but this one had by far the most immersion I’ve seen. Waiting to get in, I’m given a mission to infiltrate the hotel and find ‘weaknesses’ (I got in, but it seemed pretty secure), and then Ecto-1 turns up with the ghostbusters themselves, waving and being applauded, while the NYPD does their best to get rid of them. It’s a brilliant introduction to get you in the mood.

On the way into the hotel, the character actors do their best to welcome you (I even picked up the Janine-esque hotel secretary’s number, on a card, with lipstick – what a treat!), and then you enter the main hall itself.

The Troxy is always a beautiful venue, and it fitted well with the night’s theme. An opening string quartet giving way to a string of ace Eighties tunes. ‘Scientists’ are there to take you through the tools of the paranormal trade. A stiff, uptight guy walks around demanding the Ghostbusters get removed, and Winston reveals some frankly amazing dance skills.

The film is set up on stage, with a recreation of a pivotal scene in the movie, where the Ghostbusters mainframe is shut off, unleashing ghosts all over the theatre. Then the film begins.

Watching a cult film like Ghostbusters is a real treat in a situation like this. In many ways, it reminds me of how cinema appeared to be back in the early days, with people running over to get drinks, loud laughter and applause for great lines (‘Yes it’s true, this man has no dick’), and much whooping.

The big set pieces of the film involved the actors running out onto the stage, or into the crowd, and re-creating the set piece live. The early capture of slimer was recreated with stunning special effects in the cinema, for instance. The final set piece, which I don’t particularly want to spoil, gained huge cheers, creating a spectacle so huge my attention basically left the movie for the rest of the film.

The credits came up to rapturous applause, and the disco started. Everyone, from the scientists and the fashionistas (split in dress code by invitation), right through to the people who ignored the dress code and came joyfully as Ghostbusters, stay puft marshmallow men, or the Ghostbusters sign hit the dancefloor.

Future cinema always succeed in creating a party atmosphere around classic films, but in putting on Ghostbusters, they’ve really nailed a classic loved by my generation.

Ghostbusters is playing on the 22, 23, 24 November, and the 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20 December at:

The Troxy
490 Commercial Road
E1 0HX

Tel: 0844 888 0440

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