My London: Le Jorge

33-year-old DJ, sound engineer and avid record collector Le Jorge has been one of the primary driving forces behind Bulgaria’s underground music scene over the last ten years. His live DJ sets have won him widespread admiration from die-hard house and techno heads to the purest of jazz fans, and he provides quality audio systems to London and Ibiza for sound specialists Project Audio. Here he chats to The London Word about losing it in Canary Wharf, record collecting and living south of the river…

I am currently on my way to the airport to catch my flight to Ibiza. We’re providing the monitor system in the car park for the Space closing party, and I’ll be working at the DC10 closing as well, and that is going to be a lot of fun! It’s been a crazy and very busy season for me. The company I work for is Project Audio, but now the time has come to say officially: ‘goodbye summer’.

I’ve always lived south of the river. When I first moved to London I lived in Kingston and I loved it. Now my neck of the woods is Crystal Palace and that’s much different. But one thing both territories have in common is they’ve got very nice parks. Richmond Park is gorgeous, so is Crystal Palace Park. I somehow feel more comfortable and cosy living south.

While most of us love London, it is a very tough city. I think Orbital’s The Box video portrays it in a very impressive way; how fast paced and hard work it can be to deal with.

It’s the Londoners that make London so unique and a stand out city in the world.

Soon after I moved to London I went to some private party on Groove Armada’s boat docked at Canary Wharf. It was my very first time there and the area around was completely unknown to me. So I had a few drinks and at some point I left. The dock was private and some security chap had to let me out through the gates. I’m walking on my own with no direction, it’s a full moon with fast moving clouds dimming the moonlight; massive transparent illuminated buildings. No one around. Suddenly there’s a barrier in the middle of the road, kind of a check point, and I hear the purr of a massive engine behind me. The barrier opens with a sudden roar and a low profile futuristic looking black sports car dissolves in the dark. ‘Oh sugar!’ I thought, ‘this is Gotham City!’ I wasn’t sure whether I was tripping or not. I was preparing to see Batman.

My perfect London day out would be record shopping; looking for small vinyl shops I’ve never been to, listening to all the stories car boot sellers have about their records, then a few drinks before going home to listen to my new records.

I’ve never been to a fringe theatre. It’s something I have on my list of things to do, and will make it there one day.

I was just sitting today in my living room, looking at the brown leaves outside covering the park. Isn’t it just beautiful? It’s autumn but I do love summer.

You really need to be a part of London’s lifestyle to discover your own secrets. People often have the wrong impression of London as a cold unwelcoming city. That is not correct. There you go, London unveiled!

People spend their lives complaining about their jobs, their boss, their co-workers, their clients. For me happiness is doing what you do with passion and love.

We’re constantly quite busy here at Project Audio. Next is Sancho Panza’s full moon boat party on October 19, where we do the sound system and I’ll also be DJing alongside the Sancho boys and Asadinho from RVS Music. Followed by some big corporate jobs: a four-arch installation for Nike with the London Contemporary Orchestra and a Bond Street store installation for Gucci. Then my favorite night in London is at Loft Studios, where we have Derrick Carter Does Disco. It’s a very busy time! See you on the dance floor.’

Catch Le Jorge (Loving Deep) DJing alongside Asadinho (RVS Music) and Matt Brown and Jimmy K Tel at Sancho Panza’s Fullness Boat Party on Saturday 19 October.

Tickets can be purchased from Ticketweb and Skiddle.

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