Kamique, Covent Garden

A new kid on the cocktail block, Covent Garden/Leicester Square resident Kamique could very well blend into the background of the existing shakers and stirrers of the scene, but it has a few ace cards up its sleeve that definitely warrant a visit. For one, the atmosphere is pitched between relaxing bar and cocktail haven, meaning that – if you judge it just right – you should be able to take that special someone for a romantic tipple, or indeed hole up with your pals or work colleagues and get stuck into some serious cocktail drinking. With options ranging from a simple bar stool table, to plush sofas, to the glamorous red velvet look of the back room, many moods are catered for.

As for the cocktails, I don’t think Kamique is trying to use the latest, greatest and weirdest concoctions to tempt you. As far as I could tell, there was no pushing of ‘vodka’s blessed by a Tibetan monk’, nor was anyone trying to force Kopi Luwak down my throat. Thank goodness, then, that the Mojitos in Kamique are bloody marvellous. I counted 10 on the menu when I visited, so promptly got stuck in.

The Classic is just that: classic, but there are many more options. Highlights include the ginger ale-bolstered Spiced, the fantastic bourbon and berry, erm, Bourbon Berry, and the lip smacking, tongue-twizzling Mexican, packed with a tequila punch instead of rum. Some others don’t work so well, such as the cucumber and gin effort, which had little to no appeal, but you can’t win them all. At £7.40 each, the Mojitos are in the average pricing category, but between 5-8pm you can get selected choices for £4.50, which is a significant boon for Kamique. If Mojitos aren’t your bag, there are a number of usual suspects as well.

If you’re feeling peckish, you can pick from a basic menu of sharing plates, sliders or fried bits and bats. The two-person Crowd Pleaser platter I tried with the help of my guest was a nicely put together array of tempura prawns and calamari, chicken skewers, burger sliders and – best on show – sweet potato fries with aioli. At £17, it’s not cheap, but satisfying for two nonetheless.

All things considered, I wouldn’t hesitate to visit Kamique when in the area. Whether it’s pre-theatre, post-work or simply a jolly with your nearest and dearest, head for the happy hour period and you will get some top notch Mojitos yet still leave with some weight in your wallet.

63-66 St Martins Lane
Covent Garden

Tel: 020 7240 2011

If you are able to pop along on Halloween, Kamique will be serving a special ‘Witches Brew’ concoction of Jack Daniels and Cherry Marnier, muddled with lime. They’ll also be serving vodka jelly shots and there are prizes throughout the night for the best costumes.

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