My London: DJ Kristel Morin

Australian DJ turned London resident Kristel Morin talks to The London Word about her love of the city and the best place in the capital to grab a coffee.

What’s your favourite area of London?

‘I have too many to name. Each area offers something different; that’s what I love about this city.’

What would your perfect London day out involve?

‘A good coffee followed by a shopping trip visiting my favourite sneaker stores.’

What makes London unique?

‘This place is a melting pot – it has something for everyone.’

Which season do you most enjoy?

‘Spring when the weather is good – London really comes alive at this time; everyone is happy that the winter is over and looking forward for the summer to come. It’s the beginning of those long summer evenings, too.’

Where do you feel most creative?

‘At work. My job at Tribe Records really allows me to be creative as well as have the opportunity to explore things I wouldn’t normally get to do. Plus we are constantly listening to great music which is always inspiring.’

What’s the city’s best kept secret?

‘Artisan in Chiswick. They hands down make the best coffee in London.’

What would you change about London?

‘The transport system! This is a huge city and it shuts down at 1am. And the weather!’

Who is your biggest inspiration?

‘My mum. The woman is amazing!’

What would you recommend everyone in London do at least once?

‘Go to a football match – the atmosphere is something else.’

What projects do you have in the pipeline?

‘We will be releasing a few albums this year by some artists from across the globe and will be hosting our first festival in Kefalonia, Greece: Can You Dance to My Beat, this August.’

Happiness is…?


Tribe presents…. Zepherin Saint and Kristel Morin at:

Plastic People
147 Curtain Road

Friday 21 June from 10pm – 3am. Tickets can be purchased from Resident Advisor.

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