Moose X-Training

Being busy doesn’t really work as an excuse for not getting things done anymore. Virtually everything – food, clothes, toiletries, books – can be ordered online and delivered straight to your door. So why do most of us still schlep all the way to the gym to get a good workout?

Thinking on the same lines, Moose X-training launched a bespoke fitness service in late 2012 to bring your workout to you at your convenience. You simply book online and a personal trainer arrives at your door (morning, afternoon or evening), puts you through a rigorous 50-minute workout and then leaves you to get on with your day. No fuss required.

Deciding to mix up my tired gym routine, I booked a midday Saturday session with the Moose, slipped on my trainers and headed over to Regent’s Park to see what the mysterious Moose could do for me.

I was met by Moose trainer Nick and an array of fitness gear that made me suspect I was about to be seriously put through my paces. After a thorough warm up, I was thrown straight into a routine that had me boxing, skipping, sprinting, squatting and doing press-ups. The Moose delivered the total body workout promised. And as the trainer continuously switched exercises and the pace of the workout, there was no time for clock watching or feeling self-conscious about working out in public.

Although I opted for a one-to-one training session in a park, Moose X-training offers all of its clients a choice – you can work out alone with your trainer at home, in a nearby park or any open space that’s convenient for you. Or you can rally a group of friends and book a group training session for wherever suits. Running, boxing and football classes are also on offer if you really want to mix things up.

On a tangent I have to point out that I usually avoid personal trainers like the plague (nothing personal to all those personal trainers out there). The idea of paying through the nose to be shouted at and forced to do exercises I hate doing is as appealing as being poked in the eye with a rusty nail. With that said, kudos to the Moose for its firm but fair trainer Nick who managed to challenge and motivate without army-style barking of orders or letting me slack off (my sneaky attempt to do women’s press ups instead of proper ones was quickly squashed).

So… wondering why a fitness company would name itself ‘Moose’? Book a session and find out. Taster sessions cost £20.

Exclusive offer for The London Word readers until July 15: simply enter LONDONWORD at checkout to save £25 when you buy 25 tokens (which gets you five at home training sessions or 25 group sessions in a park).

Moose X-Training
82 Cavendish Street

Tel 0800 193 0415



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