DJ and Producer Eddie Richards

Tech house pioneer Eddie Richards has played at numerous iconic venues over the last 20 years, including  London’s Camden Palace,  Heaven, The Hacienda,  Helter Skelter, Ministry of Sound, and Fabric. He catches up with The London Word ahead of his latest gig.

Where are you right now and what have you been doing?

‘In my studio, doing a podcast for music site Discogs for its new monthly series.’

What is your favourite area of London?

‘Shoreditch for its character and colour, its grittiness, side streets, industrial warehouses, countless buildings with street art, interactive art galleries, and the vibrant nightlife.’

Describe your perfect day in London

‘Going to Brixton Market, one of the most exotic, eclectic and unusual markets in England today, exploring the secret shops, restaurants and vendors to sample some of the best street food the city has to offer.’

And your perfect  night out?

‘To DJ at one of the Wiggle parties.’

What makes London unique?

‘It’s cosmopolitism and the way the old and the modern architecture have evolved.’

Which season do you most enjoy in London?

‘London is glorious in the summer, with its summer film festivals, exhibitions, open-air restaurants, and parties.’

Where in London do you feel most creative?

‘On the Holloway Road, driving back home after a party I always feel inspired to make some beats.’

Where have you never been in the city and always wanted to go?

‘Inside 10 Downing Street.’

What do you think is London’s best-kept secret?

‘Not sure if it’s still a secret, but The Lucky Pig in Fitzrovia, great cocktails and quirky décor.’

Which song best encapsulates the city?

‘The Pet Shop Boys‪’ West End Girls.‬’

How does London drive you mad?

‘The speed cameras everywhere!’

What is the best advice you’ve ever been given?

‘Be positive.’

What projects do you have in the pipeline?

‘I have several remixes and new tracks coming out this year, lots of DJ bookings around the world, various compilations and  podcasts. So watch this space.  I’m also looking forward to Neotropiq, a brand new night from the RvS crew.’

Happiness is?

‘Chillin in my crib.’

Eddie Richards is headlining Neotropiq on Friday 10 May at Cargo, Rivington Street, Shoreditch. Tickets are available for £10 before 12am  from Resident Advisor and www.eddierichards.net .

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