DJ Tim Keenoy

DJ and promotor Tim Keenoy chats to The London Word about his career highlights, the onset of London’s gentrification, and why the city can be a hard place to live for many.

Where are you based?

‘Sunny old West Norwood. It’s surrounded by nice parks, mates I’ve known a long time and is down the road from Brixton where I grew up and just 10 minutes away from Selhurst Park – so it ticks all the boxes. Thankfully, it hasn’t suffered from the soulless gentrification of areas such as Clapham and for all these reasons it still feels like London to me.’

What would you change about London?

‘London is a fantastic place to live even though it’s easy to pick holes in how expensive, polluted and populated it is. But if I could change anything, I’d help with the homeless problem and do something for people struggling financially – not everyone has the opportunity and chance to do the stuff the rest of us take for granted and I think a lot of people tend to forget that.’

What are some of your influences?

‘Anything from Weatherall, Humphries, Carter et al to Terry Callier, Neil Young, Johnny Clarke, John Martyn, Dave Godin’s deep soul collections, and Van Morrison. I love music in all its forms so it’s hard to pinpoint anyone or anything in particular. I’ll buy records from soul and disco right through to White Rock and early reggae. I love it all!’

Tell us about The Date’s Birthday party celebrations

‘It is a tough old game – as a lot of us know. So when you hit such a milestone, it’s a really good feeling. We felt it apt getting Tony Humphries – and all the DJs who featured last March – back to celebrate our first birthday as they kickstarted the whole thing with us.’

What have been your career high points?

‘Mind Yuh Business has been brilliant in terms of working with a number of great live acts and DJs over the years. The first three years at Dex, now the Brixton Clubhouse, were really special as it was a real family affair with mates being involved in every aspect of the production.

‘But realising The Date’s first year birthday and pulling off a series of great parties with Stuart Patterson is probably the biggest high point to date.’

What do you do when you’re not DJing?

‘It could be any combination of things. Tonight I’m off with some mates to the Palace game as we’re playing Bristol City. Other than that – something that involves nice food, company, chatting and laughing.

‘I don’t drink anymore so I can go out and dare to plan something the following day, which is nice. Equally I’m quite happy pottering at home and having some quiet time.’

Describe your perfect night out?        

‘If the venue, music and crowd are on point, then there’s not much better in terms of a night out for me. Pulling off your own event is right up there, too. Just having a great friendly London crowd of all ages and everything going to plan, as much as it can, is a great feeling and justification for all the effort and hard work.

‘In slight contrast though, if the sun’s been out all day I’m pretty happy as to what I’m doing in the evening. So maybe it just depends on the weather!’

Tim Keenoy will be DJing and hosting the disco lounge at The Date’s first Birthday ahead of Phil Asher and Tony Humphries on Saturday 2 March at:

Loft Studios West London
77-81 Scrubs Lane
Kensal Green
NW10 6QU

Tickets (available here) are £18 and £20 on the door.

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