Oxygen Facial at Groom, Selfridges

Nestled in the heart of the bustling wonder that is Selfridges is a sanctuary that can actually make you forget you are in central London. I am referencing the fabulous urban spa, Groom.

Its offering is unique – they describe themselves as ‘pioneers of multi-tasking beauty treatments’. This basically means you get the luxury of two beauty therapists working on you at the same time in bursts of half an hour if you’re in need of a quick fix, or a luxurious full hour if you want to truly treat yourself.

Having schlepped from Charlotte Street to Bond Street at lunchtime on a Friday, walking behind incessantly dawdling teenagers and tourists, all the while silently cursing to myself, I’m only left with a half-an-hour window. Dammit.

I decide to opt for an Urban Flash Oxy Facial (I’m feeling every single one of my 29 years these days) guaranteed to plump and revive even the most tired skin, along with a ‘mini-pedi’ (well, you must look after your feet).

All memories of the journey dissipate as lovely therapist number one sits me down and tells me to lie back, while lovely therapist number two removes my pumps…

I feel a moment of panic as number one starts to remove my make-up and number two begins removing nail polish from my toes. Sort of the feeling you get when you try to pat your head and rub your tummy at the same time – initially it just feels wrong.

But it doesn’t take me long to relax and get into the swing of things.

The only thing that breaks the silence and pleasure is the occasional whisper of what’s going to happen next – engineered, I guess, so I don’t jump out of my skin when number one turns on the oxygen pump and blasts the previously applied serum deep into my skin. Not an unpleasant experience, but very strange for the first few seconds.

The half-hour seems to whizz by in a flash and I am deeply upset when the lovely girls announce that they have finished.

I look down at my beautifully polished mint green toenails and my face feels noticeably plump – surely a new woman will be looking back at me in the mirror? I squint – my face definitely looks fresher. Super.

Following my scrumptious treatment I spend a few seconds squirming as number one skilfully diagnoses my skin type and everything I do to it to exacerbate the problem. I dutifully promise never to wash my face with soap again and waft out into to the crowds, clutching LOADS of Dermologica testers (yes!).

I vow to myself I am definitely doing this twice a month no matter what the cost. It. Feels. So. Good.

As I write this the cost for a half-hour session with two therapists is £65 – the prices haven’t changed for years so get down there quick before they cotton on to what a steal this is and hike the prices. You can even buy a series of eight and get two sessions for free – a hefty outlay initially, but well worth it.

400 Oxford Street

Tel: 020 7499 1199

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