Go Brazilian With Rodizio Rico

When it comes to dining out, us Londoners are overwhelmed with a wide range of the world’s cuisines. There’s Polish, Ethopian, Italian, and those are just some of the places on the Seven Sisters Road.

I have seen established friends of mine descend into frenzied arguments about who has eaten the most esoteric food. I have seen squabbles over the worth of Slovenian cuisine as well as the legitimacy of Samoan starters. However, when it comes to trying to define South American, it becomes a bit more difficult cuisine given the lack of knowledge about the different countries that make up the continent.

If pushed, the average layperson could come up with caiprinhas, Argentine steaks and fried plantains but there is a lot more beyond this. By way of educating myself, I popped along to Rodizio Rico in Fulham Broadway. This Brazilian eaterie is founded on the idea of a churrascaria, a barbecue where different cuts of several meats are served up by passadors (meat carvers) who go from table to table slicing off portions from freshly prepared skewers of pork, beef and chicken.

The layout of the restaurant is a little bland with not much in the way of decoration and celebration of the restaurant’s heritage. The place is also possibly a little on the large side with the salad buffet leaving me with the unshakeable feeling that I was eating in a mid-range hotel.

However, this maligned salad buffet was well stocked with the usual items as well as Brazilian specialities such as feijoada (refried black beans) and chifles (plantain chips). After gathering a sensible portion of the salad items, it was time for the meat.

The restaurant has a system whereby the passadors will only come to your table if you think that you are able to take on more meat. The way in which this is signalled is through the allocation of a card that is red one side to indicate no thank you and green the other to declare, ‘Bring it on!’

I went through a range of meats, occasionally having to flip the card over whilst I chowed down on the chicken thighs, the spicy pork, the sausage and the beef that came in such a variety of cuts that I wondered if there was any part of the cow that they hadn’t used.

The quality of the cuts never wavered and it was only my inability to shovel more meat down that left me having to turn the card over to red for one final time and admit defeat. Rodizio Rico may not offer the most sophisticated food but you are guaranteed a good time and a good feed. Just make sure that you are able to pronounce churrascaria properly before showing off to your friends.

Rodizio Rico
11 Jerdan Place
Fulham Broadway

Tel: 0207 7183 6085

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