Ayurvedic Massage in Mayfair

A lot of massages these days are little more than an excuse to rub your body in expensive products and then force you to buy all of them. Not the ayurvedic massage at Blink in Fenwick, a holistic massage that looks at your mind and body, then uses a specific oil infused with goodness just for you. It feels very bespoke, and it is. Quite frankly, this is one of the best massages I’ve ever had.

To kick off you fill in a short questionnaire which asks suitably searching questions about your character, size, appetite, temperament, whether you’re a hot or a cold person, your moods and your current mindset. They also ask about problem areas and the kind of pressure you like in massage.

It’s all designed to establish which oils you need, and which personality type you are. I’ve had this massage twice now; I came out the same both times. So I’m guessing it’s pretty accurate.

My therapist was obviously skilled, and tailored her massage to suit me, especially with my rock hard back and tight muscles. And it really felt like she knew what she was doing: there was none of this massage-by-numbers stuff (up one side, down the other, and repeat); this was careful and considered, and really made a difference.

The massage lasted about 45 minutes but concentrated on all my problem areas and I left feeling relaxed and becalmed, and without that tight crunch I usually have in my neck and shoulders. My back is softer, and the stress has literally fallen off my shoulders. The effects lasted longer than I would expect them to, with my back still feeling loose and supple a week later.

I’m a big fan of this place. I love its eyebrow-threading service, and with massages starting at £40 for a half-hour session it’s great value. A perfect solution for a quick break in central London to relax your body and your senses. I love it for a quick time out.

63 New Bond Street

Tel: 020 7408 0689

Image by dMap Travel Guide courtesy of Flickr

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