Fantasy Tan

I am a self-confessed, dedicated worshipper at the Altar of Spray Tans. They’re safer than sunbeds and quick and easy. But even I have limits when the options are only either ‘barely there’ or WAG orange’; and even then the effects only really last for four days.

So roll on Fantasy Tan – a fairly crap name for a really great product.

Applied by Suzie Lung at her New Cavendish Street base, this is real bespoke tanning, with shades to suit your colouring, the time of year, how dark or light you want to be and even shading to make you look more toned and lean.

I was off for a long weekend at the boyfriend’s parent’s house in Spain in early June. We’d not seen much sun by that point, though I did have a few dodgy strap marks on my shoulders. I wanted a  tan that meant I wouldn’t mind getting out the not-so-bikini body, but which didn’t look like I’d been living in Bardados for three months. I was vague, but Suzie seemed to get what I wanted easily.

I’m not gonna lie, it’s not exactly Dorchester Spa glam – Suzie sprays you in a shower cubicle, standing on paper towels, and there’s lots of moving and ungraceful bending so she can get an even tan in all the different areas. She gives you a hairdryer on the cool setting to dry the tan afterwards and there’s a fair amount of standing around in filmsy paper pants talking about your holiday.

But it doesn’t matter one bit. The tan looked great the minute she’d finished and I felt confident, rather than embarrased, walking home. Because I was completely dry when I left there were no smudgy bits, so next morning when I washed the tan off I was a lovely even brown all over. And I mean brown – not light orange – but a natural, sleek, sun-kissed brown. It looked great and it lasted for well over a week.

Prices start at £35. By appointment only.

Suzie Lung Fantasy Tan
42 New Cavendish Street

Tel: 07957 771 503

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