No More Tantrums

I hated having my haircut when I was small. It just didn’t seem right for someone to come at me with scissors while my back was turned. I think the half-hour of solid screaming was even worse for my mother. If only she could have taken me to Tantrum, a kids only salon on the Kings Road, that claims to take the stress out of haircuts.

Not having managed to sprog up yet, I instead borrowed  my friend Rosie’s adorable two-year-old, Freya, and took both of them along to the salon to see this miracle for ourselves. Rosie and Freya were pretty impressed. The staff were great, and the place had a magical atmosphere – totally angled at children – with a mini waiting room, wall paintings of dragons, chairs designed as cars and aeroplanes, a toy train that runs on a track around the ceiling and a TV screen in front of every seat.

Rosie commented wryly: ‘Those TVs of course mean they are not remotely interested in the lovely car seats and wall paintings, but it does mean no wriggling at hair cutting time which is always a good thing.’

The salon has two floors, an upstairs salon for under eights called Moon, and a downstairs salon called Vogue for eights and over. Vogue was much more grown up, with Nintendo in the waiting room, a juice bar with bar stools and a very retro glam décor. Down there they also offer nail and makeup treatments and sell hair and beauty products, which might be fun, but rather alarmed Rosie and I. Some of these girls are only eight after all.

They also sell their own shampoos and hair sprays which are great value for money. Rosie and Freya reported back that My Delicious apple shampoo and conditioner were really excellent, and that Freya especially loved the My Delicous Detangle Spray; which she carried around with her for a week.

Prices, as you would expect in this neck of the woods, aint cheap. A cut and blow dry for Freya was £20 – but we did feel the price was reflective of the quality and experience.

As we wandered out, Freya with a lolly in hand and a fabulous head of hair, Rosie mused: ‘Hmmm. That was good. I’d definitely go back; I’d have to really, because I’m not sure a normal hairdressers will cut it after that…’

Excuse the pun. It wasn’t mine.

398 Kings Road
SW10 0LJ

Tel: 020 7376 3966

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