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Like a lot of people I’ve been trying to lose weight for a while now. I’ve shifted the odd kilo with bouts of healthy eating and excessive running, but it’s never lasted and invariably, come Saturday and an all day session in the pub, it’s beers and kebabs and back to square one.

After much research it became apparent that the way to lose weight for good is less about lettuce and the gym and more about addressing why we overeat and how we can change these habits.

So it was with this in mind that I found myself at City Hypnosis in Chancery Lane a couple of months ago – albeit nervous, embarrassed and full of cynicism.

Aaron Surtees, who runs City Hypnosis, slightly allayed my fears by not being the twig-waving hippy I expected, but a sharp, be-suited gent with a friendly smile and a good dose of professionalism. No wonder premiership footballers and successful CEOs have flocked to him in the last five years.

Hypnosis works by putting mutually agreed positive suggestions into your subconscious mind, with the theory that it becomes second nature to live by these laws. So, to kick off Aaron started by asking me how and when I eat too much, and why I thought that was. We talked about comfort eating, as well as the amount I eat and what foods I find myself craving. It was mainly bacon sarnies, bacon sarnies and bacon sarnies.

Then it was onto the hypnosis. I lay comfortably in a reclining armchair, shut my eyes and listened to him talk. It wasn’t scary or cringey at all. I was conscious the whole way through; so conscious that at times I panicked it ‘wasn’t working’, and then tried really hard to relax.

Aaron did nothing out of the ordinary. I remember every moment of the hypnosis and the only thing that was strange was that, while it felt like about ten minutes, I was actually ‘under’ for about 40 minutes.

I had two sessions in total, the first which does the initial work and the second which deepens the suggestions in your mind. Even in the few days between sessions I noticed how much less I ate, and that I ate when I wanted to, not because food was there.

But it’s actually in the following months that I’ve really felt the benefit. I’ve lost nearly a stone, and while it’s not the fastest solution, it’s been permanent. I’m still losing around 1 or 2 lbs a week.

And the relief is amazing. Finally, the end of yoyo dieting and well-meaning Monday morning resolutions. A permanent solution that works. I really recommend it.

City Hypnosis
25 Southampton Buildings (off High Holborn)

Tel: 0845 351 9926

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  1. chris jacobs

    I would like some more information please, like the cost and what times you are open to come in and start this most urgent work !!
    Thank you very much.

    Chris jacks

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