Made in Italy, Chelsea

I have reached an age where I am gaining a lot of wisdom and am maturing nicely. However, I’m also at an age where I am drifting apart from popular culture, cast overboard while it sails on without me. The most sensible option in this circumstance is to let it sail on, wish Dua Lipa, the new¬†version of Assassin’s Creed and the cast of Derry Girls all the best in their new adventures. Don’t go flailing after it, especially in front of young people. I had this recently when announcing to my much younger cousin that I was going to be taking him to Made In Italy, which is on the King’s Road in Chelsea. For some unknown reason, I grasped out for relevance and said, “Like Made in Chelsea, but Made in Italy in Chelsea.”

Maybe it was the delivery, the over-enthusiasm, the wordiness and the general desperation. Maybe it was all of it combined together but the overall effect was a tumbleweed hitting me in the nuts.

This is a long-winded way of saying how I got to be at Made in Italy, an Italian restaurant on the King’s Road. The atmosphere is very cosy with a real sense of intimacy throughout the restaurant. My cousin started with the frittura di calamari e zucchine, which were fried squid and courgettes, whilst I plumped for the insalata polpo, seppie e patate, an octopus, cuttlefish and potato salad. The squid was very well prepared with the batter not too heavy and with a generous serving. The salad was equally as good, with the separate flavours of the seafood and the potato combining very enjoyably.

When in an Italian restaurant, what else to go for but a pizza? I went for a Capricciosa, which featured sausage, artichokes and roasted ham, whilst my cousin went for the Rucola e Pancetta which had Italian bacon. Whilst both pizzas were extremely flavoursome, the most important feature was their size. Rather than just getting a regular or a large, Made in Italy serves their pizza by the metre, presented on a wooden board. It made for an original and charming dining experience, heightened by the great taste of the ingredients.

Whilst Made In Italy may not be the finest Italian experience you can have in London, it does represent something that is not often found in these type of restaurants, authenticity. The restaurant make their ingredients fresh daily and use these to make a very pleasant dining experience.

Made In Italy
249 King’s Road


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