Gaucho’s Electro Brunch, Tower Bridge

If you’re someone who likes going out on Friday nights and at the weekend, you will have come to yearn for the refuge of brunch. It is a meal that was surely invented for those who got up too late to have breakfast but badly need something to eat and can’t wait until the lunching hour. Brunch has become a great way to get out of the house, get some fresh air and enjoy food that makes up for the massive depletion of electrolytes. Plus, if you are so inclined, you have the ability to start drinking again as soon as you sit down. The people at Gaucho are aware of the importance of setting the mood for the meal. Their branch at Tower Bridge has a DJ but the music is not too imposing as you try and piece together what happened the night before.

The set up for the Electro Brunch is simple. For £49.95, you can fill your plate up with as many items from the menu as you want and to pick from a range of drinks including Aperol Spritzes, Bloody Marys and soft drinks. Given the range of choices, my companion and I started off with some croissants and dulce de leche peanut butter. I am a large fan of this Argentine phenomenon and it suited the croissants perfectly.

My first pick from the menu was the steak and eggs, playing to the restaurant’s strong suit. The combination was good and the texture of the meat was just right for the time of day, not too well done and not too undercooked. My companion ventured for the Eggs Royale, which was a fried egg on a bed of smoked salmon. Although she said that the egg was a little on the rubbery side, it was more than compensated for by the freshness of the smoked salmon.

We then went on a roll, picking off items from the menu as we settled into a gorging rhythm. There was smashed avocado on toast, French toast as well as beans on toast. All of them were pleasant with neat touches added, such as the chorizo in the beans on toast.

At almost fifty pounds per person, the Gaucho Electro Brunch might come off as a little pricey for some. But that is for people who don’t come in with the right attitude and a game plan. There is enough variety in the menu to make sure that you don’t get bored. Nothing is too heavy that might stop you from demolishing the entire menu and the bottomless drinks are there to help you wash it all down.

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Tower Bridge

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