Ma’Plucker, Soho

Ma’Plucker. Not your normal chicken spot. Located in Soho’s Beak street. Small, with an American style decor, it feels very intimate and almost like a coffee shop. I could easily sit in there with my laptop and book for hours and shovel chicken into my gob. The staff are attentive and friendly and the biggest plus is how quick the food comes and how quickly they take your plate away – no one likes sitting there with dirty plates. It feels almost like dining with family.

You can choose chicken three ways: Buttermilk Chicken, Chipotle Roasted or Slow and Low Pulled Chicken, then chose what you want to pair it with. Either a salad, house bun or maple waffle and then top it off with a choice of insane glazes: Chicken Skin Gravy, Chipotle Chilli, Maple Chilli Glaze and more. I stopped listening after chipotle and maple chilli (Queue scene cut out with me running in a field of grass towards a bottle of maple chilli glaze).

I decided on the chicken wings for starters, which were very tasty. The coating was light and crispy and didn’t feel oily or doughy. They were a little messy (though with chicken that is not a bad thing). I then had a halloumi burger, chicken and waffles with maple chilli glaze (don’t judge me) The maple chilli glaze definitely gave this dish a few extra points, I could of easily licked the plate clean. The burger was nice, did what it said on the tin. I then had a side of ‘Crack and Cheese’ which is a deep fried mac and cheese ball, the size of your fist (Not an exaggeration). I’ve had these before and I was a little disappointed the inside was a little bland! (Didn’t stop me from cleaning the plate though)

Definitely should’ve stopped there, but I couldn’t resist the warm doughnuts with caramel sauce for dessert. It was amazing, although it could have done with a side of whipped cream – maybe that’s me just being greedy but I needed something to cut the sweetness.

I would definitely return to Ma’Plucker, especially after finding out they do afternoon tea – a boozy afternoon tea at that. Pop down there, chat with the staff and have a frozen margarita (Quite strong) – You wont regret it!

75 Beak St


Tel: 020 7096 2046

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