Bottomless Brunches at Tootoomoo, Crouch End

There is nothing to compare to the sensation of waking up on a Sunday morning and realising that you’re awfully hung over. The eyes open and then immediately close as you turn and throw your head face first onto the pillow. Then comes the succession of aches and cramps that are the result of the internal damage you’ve inflicted on your body. The headache that’s feels like you’re at the mercy of one of the villains in Scanners, a dry tongue, sweeping waves of nausea, as well as the somatic impact of any physical injuries you might have sustained whilst bumbling your way back home.

The early afternoon brunch is one way of recovering your sense of well being, taking in a lot of food and fluid in order to replace the nutrients that have leaked out along with the breakdown products of a WKD. Go to any pub on a Sunday afternoon, and you’ll see multiple instances of people with their head down and staring at a table, mumbling “Food, food, just get me some food.”

One of the places that is catering to those looking to restore their level of electrolytes and self-esteem is Tootoomoo. Offering a bottomless brunch with the option of a cocktail or to go without, you have 90 minutes to enjoy unlimited food and drink.

My companion and I decided to get stuck in and pooled together a selection of starters. We chose the chicken gyoza, which came with black rice vinaigrette, soft shell crab tempura shichimi, which was accompanied by salt & jalapeno mayo, shichimi squid with Japanese pepper & sweet chilli on the side and spicy yellow tail maki.

I particularly enjoyed the soft shell crab tempura shichimi, which came with a light batter, making a good counterbalance to the meat. My companion was very enthusiastic about pretty much everything else, monopolising many of the other choices with a particular fondness for the chicken gyoza.

For main course, I ventured for the Thai Green chicken curry. I was a little disappointed with this as it came across as a little insipid and lacking the requisite piquancy. However, my companion was very pleased with her choice of squid and shrimp Singapore noodles, particularly exuberant about the abundance of seafood amongst the noodles.

The Bottomless Brunch deal at Tootoomoo has much to recommend it. The food provides a great counterbalance to any overindulgence from the night before, and with some well put together cocktails to help dismiss the absurdity of any kind of resolution of “I’m never drinking again.”

12 Crouch End Hill
Crouch End
N8 8AA

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