Malaysia Fest

Since 2010, Trafalgar Square has been taken over each autumn by the High Commission of Malaysia. Large crowds reaching up to 60,000 have been drawn in to sample the wide range of the country’s cuisine. It is a great chance to improve one’s knowledge of Malaysian food and culture, and to broaden your gustatory experiences. Some of the UK’s most noted Malaysian chefs and restaurateurs such as Norman Musa and Ping Coombs will be present to inform you about the wide variety of Malaysian cuisine and will be on hand to demonstrate how to go about preparing it for yourself at home.

For those who are unfamiliar with Malaysian cuisine, it is similar to its Thai, Cambodian and Vietnamese neighbours but with idiosyncrasies of its own. Alongside such familiar dishes such as mee goreng with chicken satay, mee curry and chicken curry puff, as well as the staples such as dahls, laksas and roti canai, there are many more unknown dishes that will be on display at the festival.

These include such dishes as Pasembur, which is a mixture of tofu, potato, flour, senkung and cucumber, Mee Rebus, made up of dried shrimp, sweet potato, chili, squid, yellow noodles and tofu, and Lockhing Satay Ikan, which is traditional Kelantan fish satay.

If you are looking for something a little sweeter, there are many creations to choose from. There are the traditional peanut pancakes, black glutinous rice and coconut pancake and banana, peanut and Nutella pancake and cekodak pisang, which is made up of banana, flour and sugar.

For the past six years, Malaysia Fest has exhibited some of the finest elements of Malaysian cuisine and has opened up people’s eyes to the sheer variety and delicacy of this country’s food. The event runs from noon until ten in the evening, and will also feature traditional entertainment as part of the festivities.

Malaysia Fest
Trafalgar Square

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