Brasserie Blanc Southbank

It is getting close to the season of dining out by the river. We’re getting near, so very near but still it is not quite comfortable enough to venture al fresco with fresh Arctic breezes swooping in. At present, it is only the hardy who are prepared to sit outside, holding themselves tight against the piercing evening winds with their companions muttering inwardly, ‘But it’s May, why is it still so damn cold?’

Both my companion and I started with the crispy goat’s cheese parcel, which came with a pea & broad bean salad and tomato & chilli dressing. This was very delicately put together with a wafer-thin crust yielding to uncover a rich filling, which combined exceptionally well with the dressing.

For main course, I went for a sturdy sirloin steak whilst my companion chose the seared Shetland isles salmon fillet which came with pickled vegetables, dill crème fraîche and fries. I had no complaints about my steak, which was good quality meat, and adequately served. The main attraction to the dish was nothing to do with its quality but its price.

You can find yourself paying a lot for decent steaks but not here. The ten ounce steak came in at much less than you can pay for at other restaurants with no compromise on the quality of the meat. My companion was similarly impressed with his salmon fillet, commenting on the freshness of the meat and the impressive accompanying sides.

For dessert, I plumped for the pistachio soufflé, which came with chocolate ice cream whilst my companion chose the chocolate and almond torte, which came with vanilla ice cream, crème anglaise and toasted almonds. The soufflé was exceptional, light and with a remarkable delicacy of flavour. The accompanying chocolate ice cream was a strange choice as it didn’t really compliment the nuttiness of the soufflé, introducing an unnecessary heaviness.

My companion was much less fussy about his torte, which he described as a dish that got better with every bite, exulting about the complexity of the flavours.

The Brasserie Blanc is a smashing little place that does not have the presence or the flashiness of some of its rivals on the South Bank, but look beyond its surface layer, and you’ll find a restaurant that boasts excellent cuisine at some very surprising prices.

Brasserie Blanc South Bank
9 Belvedere Road

Tel: 020 7202 8470

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