Unrestricted Film Festival

The Hen & Chickens venue in Islington is one of the most established fringe theatre venues in London. It’s a place where experimental theatre is mixed with stand up comedians trying out new material to sketch groups putting on their shows. Now the venue is turning its focus to film, with the launch of the Unrestricted Film Festival which is running until the end of the week.

The festival is the brainchild of James Wren who is behind the Unrestricted View theatre company, which has been the resident theatre company at the venue for 17 years. The festival is not just putting on feature films, but will also showcase documentaries and short films as well.

In addition to the showing of films, there will also be panel discussions centred around issues in film. This Thursday will see a discussion about the lack of dialogue that women have in film. A study by film publication Polygraph of 2,000 movies found that women between the ages of 22 and 31 spoke 38% of all female dialogue. This amount decreased to 31% for actors who are 32 to 41 in age and 20% for those aged 42 to 65.

In contrast, the older male actors get , the more lines the older they speak. Men aged 42 to 65 got more dialogue (39%) than those aged 32 to 41 (32%) or 22 to 31 (20%).

The Unrestricted Film Festival is a chance to see curated films, shorts and documentaries in a fantastic venue. Check out the Unrestricted Viewfor tickets.

The Unrestricted Film Festival is running until May 1 at:

The Hen & Chickens Theatre
109 St. Paul’s Road
N1 2NA

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