Street Kitchen, Liverpool Street

Friday night on a warm evening, and I stare down at some of the City workers keen to unwind for the weekend with more than a few drinks. I feel like joining them, however I’ve not eaten for a long time, saving myself for the food at the Street Kitchen shop.

I have heard from a friend that the burger at this trendy ethically sourced venture is amazing, but alas it is not served at the shop. A sucker for something new I sip the plum & cherry posh pop which has a great flavour, and although it is a little flat it sets me up for the spiced aubergine and humus salad with pomegranate and spiced yoghurt.

This is a particular favourite of the shop manager who is pleased that I made the choice, I found the combination sublime. A little disappointed that it’s not always available.

This is one of the key unique selling point of the brand, they change their range every few days and provide you with a bit more choice which is good, however sometimes I know what I want. Like Salmon with potatoes, lettuce, fennel with dill dressing a great combination. The chef an Argentinian who left working in a restaurant to join Street Kitchen says this feels like home he works with great food, tells me that the staff care and that means the food is taken seriously. There is a joy from the staff which is lacking in many places serving food.

On to the main events in round two. Chicken tarragon, mayo, onion, tomato chutney with baby gem lettuce on toasted challah rolls. And Spiced Augergine, cauliflower with tahini, pickled carrots, coriander with mint, watercress and humous on challah rolls. I’m quite inventive but I would not have thought about these combinations, we are almost in molecular gastronomy territory, in a sandwich shop.

Before thinking too much about Willy Wonka I realise that the bread for the later combination does not seem quite right, and am informed that it is not the first choice bread as their rolls are all out and they are using challah, a Jewish bread which is very tasty, but a little hard for the filling.

Street Kitchen and I were a combination of the right person at the right place at the wrong time. I would happily wander in during my lunch hour settle down and watch life go by in the goldfish bowl below, summertime of course. The evening is not the right time for a sandwich, even though they are imaginatively assembled and go down very well. Eating somewhere is all about the entire package the occasion not just the food. The combination, ethos and welcome of the staff will ensure that I go back, I do want to try that burger.

Street Kitchen
Broadgate Circle
Liverpool Street

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