Supper Tub, Hackney Wick

Sometimes you love something for a simple reason. As a kid, we used to go on long family holidays to the United States, and my parents always rented houses with hot tubs. Ergo, you might attribute my love of hot tubs to a some Freudian connection with my childhood, and I guess you wouldn’t be completely wrong. However, I like to just think of them as the extrovert’s bath tub.

Supper Tub does a great job of making you feel like a pampered, indulged child. Set in the surprisingly beautiful, semi-industrial surrounds of Hackney Wick, three large, vaguely Scandinavian wood-burning hot tubs provide the perfect environment to watch the sun set alongside the sarcastically named “Haggerston Riviera”.

Sporting a Peruvian-themed menu, Supper Tub dishes up a ‘three course’ menu of canapés and delights to keep you going into the evening. Sea bass ceviche, dressed liberally with lime and a hit of fresh chilli, was a winner, but the true king of the tub was the rump steak skewer. Marinated in pisco and herbs, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a platter of food devoured quite as swiftly. The best part of it all is that it’s delivered directly to you at tubside; you even get your own coloured duck to signify your tab. We finished off with chocolate dipped strawberries, and watermelon skewers – something for those of you who are averse to the idea of savoury food and a hot tub being a good idea.

Booze comes in the form of frozen Latin cocktails – the Pisco sour going down particularly well in the late evening heat – and the usual selection of beer, wine and spirits is available. Somewhat foolishly, our host furnished us with a selection of rubber ducks, which quickly escalated into all out warfare between the three hot tubs, and a brief (ill-advised) attempt at attacking a passing canal boat.

The brainchild of Adam Taffler, (Shh Dating, Burns Baby Burns), Supper Tub’s attention to detail makes it special. When you need to go to the bathroom (no peeing in the tub!), there’s a selection of regal Uzbeki robes to swathe yourselves in as you traipse through the attached bar to the loos, allowing you to peer down haughtily at the non-tubbers as opposed to darting past, dripping in dismay. Similarly, there’s a printed menu of ‘tub games’ to keep you entertained.

If you love hot tubs, and you fancy doing something a little different, a little magical, and a little elegant, cycle out to Hackney Wick and give Supper Tub a try – it’s the perfect way to while away a balmy summer’s evening. Just don’t jump in the canal, no matter how tempting it might seem.

Tickets come in two kinds – you can either buy for yourself and a partner (£50 per pair), or rent an entire tub for you and your friends (£150, seats eight). Running from Thursday to Sunday, there are plans afoot to use Wednesdays as a themed night, with cheaper tickets and fun activities.

Supper Tub

90 Wallis Rd
Hackney Wick
E9 5LN

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