My London: Saints’ Chris Bailey

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, and allegedly one of the first non-US punk bands to release a record,  Saints have been delivering their characteristic raucous rock around the globe since 1974. Perhaps best known for their era-defining single ‘(I’m) Stranded’, and Bruce Springsteen’s cover of ‘Just Like Fire Would’ in 2014, Saints have now joined forces with Fire Records as part of their reissue series, bringing their impressive back catalogue back to our ears. Following the release of Kings of the Sun, Saints embark on a UK tour, stopping in London this weekend.
London escapism, gin and Mucky Pup’s – Saints’ singer Chris Bailey gives us a quick fire tour of his London.

What is your favourite area of London, and why? It depends very much on mood and who I’m with….

What would your perfect London day out involve? I’d start out with gin and tonics for breakfast at the Dorchester hotel then I’d cab it through the park to some trendy area and have a nice lunch of gin and tonic a walk by the canals in Islington stopping off at a pub for a couple of gin and tonics with friends before heading out to a show and ending up at the Mucky Pup pub in Islington…where they do a rather good gin and tonic

What would your perfect London night out involve? A curry and a Mojito in no particular order

Where in London do you feel most creative, and why? On the train to East Croydon because of the lack of competition

Where in London have you never been, but have always wanted to go? Lord’s Cricket Ground

Who is your favourite Londoner, and why? That would be telling but I can assure you they are not a Tory

What do you think is London’s best kept secret? I don’t know because it’s a well kept secret……

Which song, book or film do you think best encapsulates London? London Pride by Noel Coward

What do you miss most about London? The traffic

Where do you go in London to relax? The south of France

What would you recommend everyone in London do at least once? Have a gin and tonic at the Mucky Pup

What projects do you have in the pipeline? I plan to become Pope and Dr Who simultaneously…then record a new Saints album…

Part of their UK tour, Saints perform on Sunday 24 May at:
1a Amhurst Road,
Tickets are available online.

Photo: Elisabet Corlin

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