Time to Travel? Time Run Needs You…

Time Run, the latest interactive live gaming experience, has arrived in London Fields. I’m desperately trying to avoid making any kind of comparison to a certain cult television gameshow experience populated by jumpsuit-wearing enthusers, highfiving their way around mystical worlds searching for crystals. Spoiler alert: there are no jumpsuits in Time Run. Nor is there a giant crystal filled with unfairly unbalanced gold and silver tickets, for that matter. But what Time Run does provide, is 60 minutes of mind-bending, energetic and, at times, hysterical (from my fellow Time Runners at least) enjoyment that begins as soon as you walk through the wooden door into the strange world of Time Run.

Taking off on the ‘escape-the-room’ games, Time Run sets groups of three to five the task of helping Edwardian heroine/scientist Luna Fox and her robot sidekick Babbage on a quest through time to retrieve a mysterious artefact, The Lance of Longinus. But of course it’s never as simple as tripping through space and time – there are puzzles to solve in order to escape. Brain puzzles, physical puzzles and downright frustrating puzzles. Cinematic, intricately designed and filled with humour, Time Run leads its merry puzzlers on their journey, guided by the (slightly sassy) clue-giving Babbage along its playfully written storyline.

Tips? Sensible shoes. Ingenuity. Strong minds and firm hands with potential dawdling team members. Time is ever of the essence.

But that’s all you’re getting from us. We worked hard to get as far as we did and you should have to work for it too… Plus, what happens on Time Run, stays in Time Run – we wouldn’t want to disrupt any space-time continuums now, would we? Or get Babbage angry with us. He got us out of a fair few scrapes in there…

Time Run takes place from Thursday 23 April until Sunday 2 August.

Tickets are from £24. Groups must be between 3-5 people. (Choose them wisely).

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