The London Coffee Stop Awards

Ahhhh coffee. You wonderful, magical elixir of energy. You sublime coaxer of cognition. You potent purveyor of morning glory.

Whatever you call it, Londoners love coffee. We can’t get enough of the stuff. Much like a child craves sweets, a rock star craves cocaine, or a Made in Chelsea moron craves a camera lens, a cup o’ Joe is very much a daily routine for many.

With a seemingly endless array of coffee venues lining the streets, you certainly won’t be walking long before you get your fix. But what’s that I hear you cry? The place near your work serves the kind of coffee that would dissolve a dead horse? Well, what do you want for £4.50? Something drinkable? Stop bean (pun #1) ridiculous.

Fear not, dear readers, for the London Coffee Stop Awards are here to help. Held for the first time at the end of April, the awards filtered (pun #2) opinions from 18,000 Londoners, boiling (pun #3) down over 1400 coffee vendors to the best of the bunch, across 10 separate categories.

The most prestigious award, London’s Best Coffee Shop, went to White Mulberries at St. Katherine Docks, whose owners received the worthy prize of return flight to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia – one of the best locations for sourcing coffee. The award for London’s best new coffee shop went to The Wren, Saint Pauls.

Below is the full list of the winners:

London’s Best Coffee Shop White Mulberries
London’s Best New Coffee Shop The Wren
London’s Coolest Baristas Black Box
London’s Coolest Coffee Shop on Social Media Four Corners
London’s Best Coffee Shop for Out of Office Workers Timberyard (Covent Garden)
London’s Best Coffee Shop for Cyclists Look Mum No Hands (Covent Garden)
London’s Best Coffee Blog Cups of London Coffee – Daniel Stevens
Best Coffee Roasted in London Square Mile Coffee Roasters
London’s Best Coffee Shop Chain Harris & Hoole
London’s Best Coffee Shop for Cakes and Bakes Artisan (Putney)

So there you have it. If you’re in the area of any of these award-winning venues why not pop in and try them for yourself.

You’d be a mug (pun #4) not to…

Photographs by Snap Media Productions.

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