Colour my Coat

I’ve always been pretty safe when it comes to coats. Black, grey, the occasional tan if I’m feeling particularly perky. But recently all of this changed. I I saw The Coat. And it was pink.

It was actually on Instagram where the story started – a blogger I follow/stalk with some tenacity posted a picture of the coat having just ordered it. A sharp intake of breath later and I was in the Zara changing room trying it on. Obviously, I loved it. But I had to do the test. Leave it and if you’re still thinking about it a few days later; buy it. Risky but always effective. For the next five days I repeatedly listed out all the many and varied summer occasions I could wear the pink coat to. Weddings, christenings, funerals (joking). Just enough to justify spending that fairly hefty £79.99. Happily, five days and a second try on later and it was mine.

But it seems I’m not the only one lusting after a brighter way to stave off those chilly spring breezes. We’ve moved on from the pale pink ‘duster’ style coats of AW13 with their pale drapes and loose fit and pepped up the color and the shape. It’s all about punchy pastels in structured, ladylike styles and Zara in particular are leading the movement. Besides my pink delight with its perfectly proportioned wrist-skimming sleeves and neat collar there’s this beautiful sky blue or yellow  version with bold zips and strong lines. Strong colour and strong shape.

East London-based favourites The White Pepper have a classic swing coat in beautiful peach with polka dot detailing in cuffs and colour. Peach is a little like the neutral of the pastel world. Just like grey, black or tan it goes with just about everything but is still fun and bright. A faithful friend, particularly where coats are concerned.

Patterns are fun too as far as outerwear goes. Another coat crush of mine is this rather glorious River Island number with it’s ladylike 50s-inspired shape and cute collar in contrast against the vivid blue and yellow.

Of course with a new coat comes great responsibility – and a new bag. No enormous black tote with my shiny new pink. Luckily we discussed the summer bag situation just a few short weeks back right  here on The London Word so you’re fine there. No more excuses; that coat shall be yours.

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