The Fable, Holborn Viaduct

Once upon a time (a few weeks ago) in a less than magical venue (Holborn Viaduct), a new business opened up (The Fable). It’s created by Drake & Morgan and is the latest in their collection of fun swilling and munching sites. To call it simply a restaurant/bar would be wholly inaccurate as this place does a cornucopia of other stuff too. From mixology masterclasses to butchery classes and even flambé classes, it has positioned itself as a hub for social events.

Aside from this stuff there’s an ‘Ever After’ boutique curated by ex-Telegraph fashion editor Lulu Anderson where punters can expect to find fashion and jewellery, homeware, stationery and toiletries, all of which have been picked out by Lulu as she’s been a-globe trotting.

Bottles and Blooms is an area of the venue that does what it says on the tin. Visitors can buy carefully selected wines from across the world or they can pop by the inhouse florist to pick up a bouquet of posies. It’s heavy on detail and the décor, it being inspired by a land of fantasy and fairytale and all, is very female-oriented. Which, taking into consideration its City Boy Central location, is odd.

Food-wise, I couldn’t advise whether it’s style over substance as at their opening bash the culinary treats weren’t flowing like the wine. The emphasis is on seasonal grub though and the menu is pretty diverse. There are burgers and fillet of fish sandwiches (unsure why this isn’t named ‘fish finger butty’), then there are flatbreads with baba ganoush and hummous. There are also a lot of Asian inspired dishes such as tempura, satay and a Malaysian curry.

Give it a go for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper or baby showers as it’s open from 7.30am. It looks promising.

The Fable
52 Holborn Viaduct

Tel:  0845 468 0105

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