My London: Restaurateur Aaron Resch

Foodie and restaurateur Aaron Resch has travelled all over the world and owns United Ramen pop-up restuarants in London; a noodle concept that celebrates the cultural influences and history that led to the development of modern ramen. Here he chats to The London Word about summertime, his love for cinema and London’s best kept secret…

I’m sitting in Yum Chaa near Tottenham Court Road, my office away from home, drinking a lovely cup of red chai tea with honey having been on a site visit to a potential location for my business, United Ramen.’

The beauty of London is that it’s a network of connected villages, each with it’s own draw.

My most vivid London memory is sitting in the Effra Pub on Kellett Road in Brixton eating a huge plate of delicious jerk chicken for a fiver while listening to a live jazz band jam the night away. A priceless experience for free.

Let’s assume it’s a bright sunny day: I’d go for a jog round my local common in Tooting before heading in to town for lunch – a big bowl of ramen of course – on route to the Emirates Stadium to watch Arsenal play.

My perfect London night out would involve a few beers with some close friends at the Fitzroy Tavern on Charlotte Street followed by a pizza at ICCo down the street. Three pints and pizza for around £10. Bargain. I would then head down to Clapham Picture House to see a late flick.

Having lived in New York, Los Angeles, Hong Kong and London I can say with confidence that London is the only city in this list that has a plethora of everything. When I say everything, I mean the most variety in terms of multiculturalism, entertainment, cuisine, parks, the transport network. The list is endless.

I love that summer stays light well in to the evening. Sitting in a London beer garden with the setting sun in your eyes at 9pm having a few Pimms and lemonade with friends is one of the most relaxing and peaceful experiences I have ever had in a major city.

I’m far more practical than creative but I do have my best ideas while lying in bed, normally when I’ve woken up an hour before my alarm.

I’m not very music savvy but I have always wanted to go to the Brixton Academy to see a gig. Faithless played there a few years ago and I tried and failed to get tickets, but that would have been awesome.

I think it’s the mix of Londoners that makes this city great so we shouldn’t put any one person on a pedestal.

London’s best kept secret is probably not that much of a secret but I love Gordon’s Wine Bar near Embankment. I often tell people about it and they say they’ve never heard of it yet they’ve walked past it a hundred times.

I’m not sure any one film can encapsulate the vastness and diversity of London. My favourite London film, Snatch, is genius from start to finish.

You can do anything in London and when you go away you quickly realise how amazing that is. I’m an American but after living here for 10 years, then travelling the world living in different cities, I always end up back here. It’s now 18 years total and counting. Funny that.

I spoke to a lot of people before I decided to start my own business and the message was always the same: go for it otherwise you will always regret not trying. I now have that attitude every day. We only live once after all.

I grew up in Twickenham and went to school in Kingston so spending time in that area always brings up old memories. Not to mention that Richmond near the river is stunningly beautiful.

I have always loved the cinema since I was little so whenever I want to get out of the house and chill out I’ll grab some dinner and head to the cinema. Before going to uni in 1998 I actually went to see six films in a row with a friend. We were there from 11am to 2am. It was great.

I’m a sucker for sports figures who have overcome adversity to triumph. There are so many it’s hard to pick one but a favourite has to be Herb Brookes who coached the 1980 US Olympic ice hockey team to victory over the Russians. The film Miracle is really worth seeing.

I would recommend walking for an entire day around central London. I have started walking a lot more as opposed to riding the tube and it’s amazing how much more you see. You can also start to appreciate how close everything is and that taking the tube can actually slow you down.

Trying to do something I’m passionate about is what drives me. Ramen is a growing phenomenon around the world and is still in its infancy in London but the beauty of ramen is that it lends itself to great diversity and variety so you can never have too much of a good thing!

Happiness is: doing what you want to do and sharing it with someone you love.’


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