LFW: Ashish

Have you ever seen a plastic carrier bag reworked entirely in sequins, blue and white stripes and all? Neither had we. Until the Ashish show. Stuff got glitzy.

Ripped, washed-out jeans, hareem pants, open-necked polo shirts, sweatshirts. Everything entirely encrusted with sequins. A grimy, urban aesthetic done in the shiniest possible way. There was an African tribal feel in the accessories with gigantic coil necklaces, medallions and crowns all mixed in with a somewhat prolific use of the Coca-Cola branding scattered over just about every surface.

Sheer mesh over baggy shorts was the new rendering of the maxi skirt and there were wide, horizontal stripes in various colours all over the shop. Baggy shirts tied loosely around the waist served as sufficient lower body attire and a wash of gold and silver sequins marked a little more of a ‘done up’ look on slinky, low back gowns.

Mismatched ankle socks with bejewelled slippers were consistent throughout (as they should be) and horizontal coloured stripes across hair gave the feeling of gang warpaint. Struggling slightly to pinpoint the exact feel, it was a little bit East London squat meets witch doctor. That’s the best I can do. But those sequin carrier bags are going to be everywhere…

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London Fashion Week SS14 runs from Friday 13 to Tuesday 17 September. Stay tuned for more coverage.

Image by Charlotte White

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