Staying Healthy with Madeleine Shaw

After the long Game of Thrones style winter, summer in the city has finally arrived – sparking a surge in pre-holiday health kicks and exercise booms around the city.

For most of us, staying fit and healthy is something which takes serious motivation – chocolate digestives beat a Ryvita for sure. As I looked for some guidance on where to start my newfound health kick back in the spring, I saw a tweet from Made in Chelsea star Caggie Dunlop talking about health coach and nutritional blogger Madeleine Shaw, and how her coaching has helped her keep motivated.

I was fortunate enough to catch up with Madeleine to discuss her coaching, her diet and why it is so important to stay in shape all year round – not just in the relatively short summer months. The aim of Shaw’s coaching programme is to help those who may need some inspiration or help in kick-starting the health regime.

‘I run through a six-week programme with my clients, helping them to beat the bloat. The main part of my course is to inspire them and coach them through it. Most people don’t have the will power or the guidance, and that is where I come in.’

What inspired Madeleine was a spell in the seriously healthy Aussie city of Sydney. After going there for a University course, it soon became clear that staying fit was not just a fad, it was a way of life. ‘Now I couldn’t go a day without moving my body and feeding myself with proper food. What motivates me is how good it makes me feel, it stops me from being anxious and keeps me strong. If I eat crap, i feel sluggish.’

As a self-confessed yoga enthusiast, Madeleine’s favourite place to practice her chosen art in the city is Blue Cow Yoga for those based in the City and the Alchemy Centre, Camden. As well as yoga, Madeleine uses London’s Reach Fitness for interval training which, for weight loss in particular, is a great workout. However, if you’re looking to change your lifestyle, exercise is only part of the solution.

‘Food is everything. You can work out all you want but if you’re eating crap, your insides will look like it. Eating the right foods will enable you to run faster, recover better and feel happy about yourself. You are what you eat!’

The current boom in fit and healthy trends on social media sites shows that eating right and staying healthy is overtaking the negative messages portrayed by ‘pro ana’ groups so popular amongst teens.

‘It’s so important [for teenagers to stay healthy]. It’s scary how social media is so prevalent in that young girls are being so swayed with what is beautiful. Teenage years are a tricky time, and what they don’t realise is how important it is to eat healthily, not just for your body, but your mind and future wellbeing.’

Having lived in Sydney and noticing the trend for staying healthy, what does Madeleine think of London as a healthy place to live?

‘I think it is growing. London has an evening culture with great bars and restaurants. However, there are some amazing new healthy hub spots popping up around town. They are incredible, and full of fantastic people.’

Check out Madeleine’s Instagram where she regularly posts motivating snap quotes from the tube. ‘Clapham South station does daily quotes, they uplift me and I like to share them.’

For more information visit: madeleineshaw.com.

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