Endermologie Lipomassage, Body Silk

Can’t shift that tummy bulge no matter how many sit ups you do? Short shorts a no no because of your unsightly orange peel? Well, fear not, because I may have found the answer to our bikini body woes this summer at the Body Silk clinic.

Promising to target stubborn areas that diet and exercise just won’t change, Endermologie Lipomassage is a summer-fix treatment suitable for even the leanest training machine, or in my case, the laziest. Think legs, bums and tums for the girls and abs and saddlebags for boys.

So what’s the catch?

Well, as Angelina Jolie and her fellow celeb fans know, it isn’t the cheapest treatment around (the recommended 14 sessions cost £819, excluding bodywear, and take six to eight weeks) and unfortunately you can’t throw away the broccoli just yet. For best results, this massage needs to be combined with a balanced diet and cardiovascular exercise.

So far, so good? Then it is time to sit back and let Magdalena and her team work their magic, toning, slimming and contouring your body. Whatever your desired outcome, a specific plan is tailored to your needs with measurements and photos taken to document the transformation. Once you’re in your bodysuit (admittedly not the most flattering, a white morph-style get up), it’s time for the suction and mechanical rollers to grind away.

Depending on where and what body complaints you have (such as excess fat, cellulite or water retention – or all three in my case!), your therapist will adopt either the rock ‘n’ roll, swing or sanding roller techniques to grab and suck your tissue as you contract your muscles. Don’t worry, despite the terms sounding more akin to a building site, parts of the procedure are actually relaxing.

Be prepared for a mini workout though, as you’ll be expected to do ten-second sit ups or leg lifts as your therapist focuses on each problem area for a maximum of five minutes. You may find some areas are a little more sensitive than others too, but it sure beats going under the knife to bust your gut!

Not only is the treatment non-invasive, but you should start to see results after your first six treatments. I certainly felt lighter and as though I’d done a few more squats than normal after only my first session.

What’s more, smaller rollers can also be applied to your face to garner similar results to a non-surgical facelift – such as banishing wobbly jowls and wrinkles I didn’t even know I had. Again, for best results a course of treatments is advised, with 10 sessions costing £540 and lasting five weeks. Just one can provide the perfect pre-party glow, though.

If, like me, your buns of steel are a little bumpy or your tummy could do with a tuck now and again, then lipomassage seems like a no brainer – especially when compared with the alternatives of surgery or eternal spin classes.

If you need me in the next 13 weeks, you know where I’ll be!

Body Silk
8-9 Lovat Lane

Tel: 020 7283 5800

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