Soho Flea Market

The Soho Flea Market on Sunday was a rather nice chance to stroll the streets of Soho in the daytime rather than late at night (usually intoxicated). I quickly realised the rural, slightly shambolic undertones of ‘flea market’ were completely misplaced; this was a carefully curated selection of beautiful artisan crafters and makers from all over London. A perfect opportunity to find some new brands and emerging handmade talent.

Feeding the masses were The Meringue Girls who I had stumbled across before and were certainly doing an admirable job of serving sugary (and very beautiful) snacks. Gone are the days of cupcakes and macaroons as treats of choice  if you’re not clutching a box of multi-coloured (not to mention homemade, gluten-free and organic) meringues then just get out.

The girls themselves (Alex and Stacey) are both trained chefs who met working at a restaurant in Hackney and have since worked with an impressive list of clients including Vogue Night Out, Whistles, River Island and Alexander McQueen.

As at all good markets I discovered some real gems. Studio Roam creates the most beautiful bespoke cashmere blankets. OK, so they’re made in a micro-factory in Scotland (not London) but I had to give them a mention. They are just beautiful and so perfect for a present.

Melody Rose had a lovely range of up-cycled china with whimsical images re-fired in a kiln on top of the original vintage patterns. If you’re a fan of a stern looking owl or a triumphant eagle wearing a crown against a paisley backdrop you’re in luck.

One of my favourites was Hannah Kokoschka who is a real-life paper engineer. I want this title badly. Her creations are amazing and have received praise indeed from no less than Elle Decoration magazine. Stationery geeks (or just those searching for excellent greeting cards) must check her out.

Soho Flea Market sprung up on Dean Street on June 2. Find out more about the flea market here.

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