Asyra Bioresonance Part 2

If you read part one of my Asyra Bioresonance treatment write up, you’ll know that two months ago I went to see Angie Michaels, a natural Health Practitioner at the Hampstead Health Practice in north London with complaints of hormone issues, lack of energy and food intolerances.

The Asyra procedure involves grasping two metal cylinders while signals are sent through your body to see what needs attention. On my first visit, problems were identified with my bladder, lungs, and hormone levels. I walked away with a personal Asyra remedy to take twice a day and a list of foods not to eat and was told to come back in six weeks’ time to discuss whether doing these things has made a difference. It has.

The main change is that I walked back into Angie’s practice with a more positive outlook. My hormone levels, especially my tryptophan and serotonin levels, had been rebalanced, meaning my happy hormones were now at optimum levels and I was no longer having days where I felt down in the dumps and slightly anxious. This was down to the list of foods Angie prescribed such as flaxseed, pineapples and eggs to get these levels back into balance.

Issues with my bladder, sinuses and lungs had also cleared up and my intolerance to bananas, garlic and green beans had resolved, which means I’m now able to reintroduce them into my diet.

As for the chocolate – did I give it up? Yes, I did. Well sort of. It may have snuck into my mouth a few times (I’m not sure how!) but afterwards I really did feel my energy levels crash and dip, which was enough to put me off doing it too often. I can now reintroduce it but after cutting it down, my taste for it has reduced, which can only be a good thing.

I did walk away with a few new issues to focus on, but nothing too serious. The electro-screening machine picked up that my skin was feeling very sensitive to UV light and the sun, which is really good to know before my approaching holiday. It also picked up on my digestion, so it was suggested I eat more raw foods, and it was recommended I visit the dentist too.

Once again, I will be following all Angie’s recommendations, including booking a dental appointment. Sometimes it’s nice to see that your insides are working properly and get a heads up on what you need to do to give your body a boost. After all, we’re the only ones in control of our health, and if you can get some advice on how to get into peak condition, then why not go for it?

Hampstead Health Practice
Recreation Club
Royal Free Hospital
Fleet Road

Tel: 020 7284 4477

Image by Andrew from Sydney courtesy of Flickr

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