The Itchy Feet Dance Academy

‘Are you ready to Shake, Rattle and Roll with a Runaround Sue?’ The Itchy Feet Dance Academy asked residents of Shoreditch’s The Book Club one Thursday evening. And the answer was a resounding, ‘Yes!’

A night which promised to be a ‘laid back vintage dance class in a cocktail bar’ certainly delivered and was the perfect gentle Thursday night warm-up for the weekend. Whether you were coming in your office wear or in a full on swing themed outfit (a certainty amongst ‘the ditch’ locals), nothing was going to stop you from toe tapping your way through the night.

All kinds of pairings were welcomed, girls and boys, girls and girls or just boy (we liked to call him The Wanderer), and although it was quite evenly distributed among the sexes (an oddity in dance classes), some girls did have to pose as ‘the man’, as with my case. Which is absolutely fine when you’re with your mate, but oh the dreaded ‘right, let’s mix it up and swap partners everybody!’ While my friend happily got paired up with a string of cute men, I wound up with either very tall or feet-crushing females. Never-the-mind, the great rock ‘n’ roll soundtrack spun by Itchy Feet’s DJ, Leo Bedford, induced many a ‘wohoooo!’ and wide open mouths of laughter or sheer glee.

Although the venue certainly suited the retro night it was a little overcapacity and a rather tight squeeze meaning the dance instructor split us into two separate groups, therefore, less learning time. But fun is the objective here and that definitely takes precedence over perfectly picked up choreography, hence freestyle spinning and twirls were most welcome! Plus the little break gave you time to go and grab another cocktail.

Itchy Feet took place at:

The Book Club
100 Leonard Street

To find out about Itchy Feet Dance Academy and upcoming events, visit the website.

Due to unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances the next Itchy Feet, on May 22, is cancelled.

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