‘Style in the City’, Strand

Has anyone else noticed something really strange around fair London of late? Just for about the last week or so, mostly in the evenings. Almost like a burning globe, emitting this weird warm air and turning the pale, drawn zombies of winter into glowing, shiny, happy people. The meteorologists are calling it the sun, but I’m not buying it – if someone doesn’t call I tend forget about them, and the sun hasn’t knocked on this door for a long, long time.

As well as putting smiles on faces, it has thrown us into something of a wardrobe crisis: all of a sudden, the blacks, the wools, the tights, the long sleeves all feel too heavy and after an eternity of winter some springtime attire is more than welcome. However, unfortunately, there is also this other thing hanging around that plays havoc with our bank balance, and subsequently our wardrobe, that the political kids are calling an economic crisis. Let’s not get into the details.

Spring’s arrival means that investing in staple items of clothing is more important than ever; items that can transition from day to night, from casual to dressy, from warm weather to cold with the addition of a pair of boots and a chic jacket. Enter Nicky Hambleton-Jones’ ‘Style in the City’, an event worth its weight in gold to enlighten us on what to buy this season (a structured white blazer), where to go for hard-working staple pieces (Zara, Zara, Zara), what catwalk trends can work for we ordinary citizens (oriental prints and colour blocking, y’hear) and how to flatter your figure (skinny waist-belts, layering with varying lengths, heels for everyone).  And that’s not even giving away a fraction of the styling secrets on tap.

Leading the proceedings was Isobel, stylist and head of training at NHJ Style Academy, and inducing serious wardrobe envy by sporting floral printed trousers, a neon yellow vest top and a Zara white blazer, she knows what she’s talking about. The hour-long event saw models of various sizes and ages show off some very wearable looks from the coming season and have them updated, dressed-up or casualised – new word alert – with key accessories by Isobel, who also readily answered participants’ questions based on their own body type or wardrobe issue.

The NHJ team offer personal styling packages, from shopping trips to a total wardrobe makeover, which become seriously tempting after an hour’s display of the team’s fashion know-how. We all have our sartorial slips now and again – yours truly, a die-hard black worshipper is no exception – and some professional advice never goes amiss. And if you can’t stretch to the personal styling, here are my nuggets of wisdom to impart: colour is good – think coral and green; tailored coats and blazers are more flattering than knitwear; monochrome with a pop of colour is perfection right now. Now go forth and shop.

The Nicky Hambleton-Jones’ ‘Style in the City’ event was held at:

Adam Street Member’s Club
9 Adam Street


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