K Spa, Shepherd’s Bush

It’s a hectic world out there. Seconds before I enter the K Spa, below the K West Hotel in Shepherd’s Bush, I am on the phone and quickly firing off a last email.

A friendly therapist hands me slippers, a towel and a robe and leads me to the wet spa. She tells me to help myself to water, fruit and tea throughout my stay but kindly points out that mobile phones are forbidden in the wet spa.

The Chill Area is small with a nice intimate feel. It is a Monday morning and it is quiet. I start in the pool and lie back on one of the beds – the ceiling has twinkling lights to let you dream away. When the bubbles stop, I am temporarily flummoxed until I find the button and the bliss resumes.

Next I try the sauna. I hide my swipe card, which you need to enter the Chill Area, between the towels – this is a bit of an issue if you don’t have a treatment booked and aren’t given a robe with pockets. It is nice to lie in the sauna by oneself, I quite enjoy this solitary experience. I can see people chilling out on the seats or with footbaths, just Zenning out.

Instead of a freezing cold bath after a sauna, K Spa offers something unique: the snowroom. I enter the room, not much larger than an industrial freezer, and have to laugh out loud: it is surreal to stand in real (be it man-made) snow in your bikini. There is not much else to do than stand, which gets a little awkward when someone else enters, but you’re only in there for a few minutes.

There is a steam room with space for four to sit, though the steam prevents you from seeing each other. Press a button for more steam, take in the herbal scent, and sweat.

After a shower, I walk back to the treatment rooms in my robe: I am aware that I am passing some of the hotel’s meeting rooms and I am glad they are not in use. My lovely therapist explains what the salt caviar treatment entails (no real caviar but a Russian product with Siberian Golden Root and natural essential oils) which is useful for a novice like me. I can go naked or choose disposable underwear.

The massage is a real sensory experience: soft lights, soothing music, the gorgeous smell of the scrub. There is discretion – a towel is held up while you turn around and the therapist checks regularly whether you are comfortable.

After a shower my skin is perfectly soft, and its time for another body massage with the oil. It is amazing and since it is an energizing treatment, I felt completely refreshed.

To finish I am led to the RelaKs room, to lie down, listen to music and chill out and slowly come back to reality. Flicking through a magazine, the smile on my face grows, and I realise a morning without a phone is not so bad after all.

Clarissa blissed out at:

K Spa
K West Hotel & Spa
Richmond Way
Shepherd’s Bush
W14 0AX

Tel: 020 8008 6600

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