Asyra Bioresonance, Hampstead

If I told you that by simply holding onto two metal cylinders you would instantly be able to see if you had a vitamin deficiency or sensitivity to a certain food, would you believe me?

I thought as much – and by the way I wouldn’t have either, until I met Angie Michaels, a Natural Health Practitioner at the Hampstead Health Practice in North London. Angie specialises in Asyra Bioresonance, a computerised electro-screening process, which scans your body for weaknesses.

Merely by grasping two metal cylinders and relaxing for a few minutes, signals are sent through your body and your responses are recorded by measuring the changes in the electrical resistance of your skin.

This information is then relayed back to a computer and a report is generated highlighting any responses that might need to be addressed such as food intolerances, hormone imbalances, vitamin and mineral deficiencies and problems with the most vital of organs like your thyroid, lungs, bladder and heart.

Now, I have always considered myself to be very healthy, which Angie confirmed during my first consultation, but there were a few things that stuck out like a sore thumb. These included the lack of vitamin K in my body and also my intolerance to bananas, garlic, kiwi fruits and green beans, all the things I eat lots of because they are healthy. Depressingly enough, chocolate and cocoa also came up as an intolerance so much to my dismay, these will be out of my diet for at least a month, which Angie hopes will calm any inflammation going on inside my body caused by this overload.

At first, the report looked really scary. It revealed a few things about my bladder, lungs, and hormone levels but as a great listener, Angie helped decode all my results, prescribed me a few supplements that will boost the body parts that need a bit of TLC and then made up an Asyra remedy for me to take home and take twice a day for five weeks. She’s hoping that when I go back for my follow up consultation and re-scan in two months, all the imbalances and weaknesses will be less prominent and my energy levels and side effects like bloating and tiredness will improve.

It’s most certainly worth a go, so I will be sticking to all Angie’s recommendations to the letter – including the chocolate ban (boo!). So tune in for part two, where I will share my results and reveal if this treatment has changed my body for the better.

Hampstead Health Practice
Recreation Club
Royal Free Hospital
Fleet Road

Tel: 020 7284 4477

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