DJ CJ Mackintosh

Dance music legend and DJ CJ Mackintosh talks to The London Word ahead of his gig at the East Village Club in Shoreditch.

Where are you based?

‘I moved to Scotland when I was about 18 months old and then down to Forest Hill in London when I was about two years old. My parents are still there now but I moved just outside London about three years ago. We visit regularly and I’m still a Forest Hill boy at heart.’

How did winning the UK title in the DMC mix championship change things for you?

‘It changed everything. One minute I was this young up-and-coming DJ, then after winning I was the new kid who was suddenly in demand. I remember getting home that night and having so many business cards in my pocket from all the record company club promotions managers. I rang them all and got onto the mailing lists.’

You played an important part in the band M/A/R/R/S, how did the track Pump Up The Volume help dance music achieve mainstream success in 1987?

‘Breaking the radio silence of playing dance music, especially on Radio One, was the important part. Most people tell me now that it opened many doors. Dance music was on the brink of breaking but obviously back then Radio One was an important station to get your music played on so having it play Pump Up The Volume on daytime was important and once they saw the success that it had they were open to add more dance music to the playlists.’

You’ve worked with many artists like Janet Jackson, Whitney Houston, De La Soul, Inner City, PiL and Coldcut. Is there anyone out there you would love to collaborate with and why?

‘I haven’t made music in a long time so trying to think of collaborations is difficult right now. I’d like to hook up with the producers and DJs that I’ve always admired and respected like Joey Negro, Frankie Knuckles and Kenny Dope.’

What should we expect from CJ Mackintosh at East Village on the 6th April?

‘A nice mixture of classic house. That’s what I have been mostly playing of late but with Vintage House Foundation, I will pull a few vintage tracks out that you don’t usually get the chance to play.’

What do you do when you are not DJing?

‘I am a full-time house husband. I am also selling my vinyl collection on Discogs, which will take forever but I’m enjoying rediscovering my collection again, and finding records that I didn’t know I had. But the kids take up most of my time.’

Describe your perfect night out?

‘Close friends, dinner, club with my favourite DJs playing, the music I want to hear in summer on a beach somewhere. Perfect.’

What’s next for CJ Mackintosh?

‘The studio is the one thing that most people want to see me doing again. That may happen, who knows when. I’m not promising anything but as the kids get older, I’m finding myself with more free time.’

CJ Mackintosh will be playing at East Village Club on Saturday 6 April at:

89 Great Eastern Street

Tel: 02077395173

9.30 pm – 3.30 am, £5 advance tickets.


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