Dessert Cocktails, Leicester Square

A fan of booze and pudding but just can’t decide what to splurge those precious calories on? Cram them into one tasty drink with The Icon Balcony Bar’s new dessert-themed cocktail menu.

There’s the Lemon Meringue Pie tipple – vodka shaken with lime and lemon curd, served with a biscuit rim and topped with that classic scorched meringue. Then there’s the Blueberry Cheesecake cocktail, adorned with a deliciously decadent cream cheese topping over vanilla vodka, liqueur and sugar. Plus, our personal fave, the Salted Caramel, consisting of fresh pineapple chunks, shaken with bourbon and homemade caramel. (Which was not as intensely sweet as the other cocktails, with a refreshing salty rim – although maybe just a tad too much salt).

Plus these drinks come at a delicious price during the week – with two for £10 between 6-10pm every day.

Also, doing what it says on the tin, the bar has a balcony overlooking Leicester Square for when the weather notches up a degree or two. (Or just wear your cocktail jacket.)

The Icon Lounge
The Casino at The Empire
5-6 Leicester Square
Leicester Square

Tel: 020 3 ]051 6722

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