Poker Champion: Liv Boeree

Liv Boeree recently joined the ranks of the world’s top poker players – Team PokerStars Pro – having over £1m in tournament winnings to her name.

She talks to The London Word about how she got into poker, why its image of being a male-dominated game is changing, and her perfect night out in London.

How did you get into poker?

‘Shortly after graduating I applied for what I thought was a TV game show, and after I made it through the auditions it turned out to be a reality TV show that taught beginners how to play poker. I fell in love with the game there and then and started playing regularly after filming finished.’

What made you go into online marketing after graduating with a first class degree in Astrophysics?

‘I needed to get a job after the TV show finished and the role was looking for people with scientific and mathematical degrees, so I was put forward for it by my recruitment agency. Fortunately the interview went well and I ended up working there for around 18 months.’

Do you have a favourite place that you’ve competed?

‘Probably Las Vegas or Australia – both very different places, but with amazing poker and plenty of things to do.’

What makes a champion?

‘A determined attitude, hard work and hopefully winning a major tournament or two!’

Does the image of poker as a male-dominated game put women off from competing?

‘Most poker players tend to be male but that is changing. I’m seeing more and more new female faces on the tournament scene which is fantastic.

There are also initiatives to get women that are nervous of playing into the game, with women’s only tournaments and social groups. Poker’s about having fun, so it’s about playing wherever you feel comfortable.’

What do you do when you’re not playing poker?

‘Currently I’m moving into my new apartment in Clapham, which is taking up all my time! Otherwise, you can usually find me in one of the various rock clubs and pubs in London or running around a park and climbing trees.’

What would be the perfect night out in London?

‘My perfect night out is in Soho and then ending up in a late night rock club in Camden.’

What are you favourite parts of the city?

‘The thing about London is that almost every borough has something different and unique to offer. However, the new PokerStars LIVE poker deck is about to open at The Hippodrome Casino so I’m sure I will be spending more time in central London which I love, but my heart lies in the west and south west.’

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